Want to Enhance Your Coding Skills? Check Out These 7 JavaScript Courses and Bootcamps

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Oct. 30, 2019
Want to Enhance Your Coding Skills? Check Out These 7 JavaScript Courses and Bootcamps

As one of the core technologies at work behind the World Wide Web, JavaScript is a widely used scripting language. For those unfamiliar with the language, JavaScript has the ability to execute the features on a page, such as interactive maps and animated graphs, which need to update in real time without a user having to refresh their screen. In essence, JavaScript is used to make websites that are engaging, attractive and easy to use. 

Because JavaScript is fundamental to maintaining a high-functioning website, the language has become a highly sought-after skill among many job seekers. As Austin holds claim to its status as one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, there is an increasing need for JavaScript training opportunities within the city’s professional community. Luckily, the city is home to many coding and computer science companies that offer in-depth JavaScript bootcamps and courses. Whether you’re looking for a flexible, online option or an intensive, in-person program, these seven Austin JavaScript courses and bootcamps will have you ready to conquer the workplace in no time. 


General Assembly javascript classes bootcamp Austin
General Assembly

Location: Downtown Austin

Course overview: General Assembly offers several different JavaScript learning options at its Austin campus. Comprised of three different learning units, the company’s 10-week, part-time course covers the fundamentals of JavaScript, the browser and APIs, persisting data and advanced topics and building and deploying apps. The skills students learn during the part-time course include working with objects and JSON, prototypical inheritance, CRUD, Firebase and CSS frameworks. General Assembly also offers a one-day JavaScript bootcamp, which can be taken in-person or remotely. Geared towards beginners, the bootcamp covers JavaScript fundamentals, as well as principles, such as Arrays, Functions and Es6, and programming fundamentals, including basic data types, arithmetic, conditional statements and functions. 

Pricing: $3,950 for the 10-week, part-time course; $200 for the one-day bootcamp; $250 for the one-day, remote bootcamp


Flatiron School javascript classes bootcamp Austin
Flatiron School

Location: Online

Course overview: For those who want a simple and easy-access option for their JavaScript training, Flatiron School offers a free, online introductory course dedicated entirely to JavaScript. Intended for beginners, the course begins with JavaScript basics, including how to use GitHub, before introducing more advanced concepts. Throughout the course, students will learn the importance of JavaScript functions, Scope, Data Structures, such as Arrays and Objects, the Document Object Model (DOM) and jQuery. By the end of the course, students will have created a dynamic game from scratch and will know how to trigger an alert through certain keystrokes. 

Pricing: Free


Austin Coding Academy classes bootcamp Austin
Austin Coding Academy

Location: Downtown Austin + Highland

Course overview: With two city locations, Austin Coding Academy offers a nine week, full-stack web development course with a focus on JavaScript. The course begins with an introduction to web development, covering HTML5, CSS3 and more, before diving into JavaScript basics, including build unit testing and test driven development, as well as master callbacks and functional planning. For the second half of the course, students learn back-end JavaScript, such as shaping your own SQL database and harnessing the power of Node.js. The course will also cover JavaScript front-end, covering how to build mobile apps with React and React Native, handling client-side routing and deep-diving into HTTPS protocol. 

Pricing: $11,960


Codeworks javascript classes bootcamp Austin

Location: Downtown Austin

Course overview: Codeworks offers a 12-week, full-time software engineering immersive course with an emphasis on JavaScript. For the first few weeks of the course, students remotely cover programming fundamentals and a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTTP, Linux, jQuery, Git and APIs. For the remainder of the program, students learn advanced JavaScript, back-end and front-end frameworks, end-to-end testing, security threats, Docker, demos and advanced state management. The course covers a wide range of frameworks and tools, including React, Angular, GraphQL, Redux, Git, Node.js and Firebase. 

Pricing: $12,800


Galvanize javascript classes bootcamp Austin

Location: Market District

Course overview: Galvanize offers a software engineering immersive bootcamp geared towards intermediate learners, which focuses mostly on JavaScript. The course opens with an introduction to computer science, covering basic and advanced data structures and JavaScript instantiation patterns. For a five week period, students are taught full-stack JavaScript, including inheritance patterns, browser animation, frameworks and the MVC pattern and server side technologies. To conclude the course, students focus on application development and job searches, taking part in practice interviews, learning negotiation tactics and updating their resumes. 

Pricing: $17,980


Inventive javascript classes bootcamp Austin

Location: Crestview

Course overview: Inventive provides a 26-week, full-stack immersive program, which focuses heavily on JavaScript. Prior to beginning the bootcamp, students are required to take a prep course, which includes program flow, logic problems, HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics. Throughout the duration of the program, students are immersed in all things full-stack engineering, including HTML, file and folder management in the GUI, source control, GitHub, responsive web design, Bootstrap and HTML 5. When studying JavaScript specifically, students learn how to declare variables, program structure, Document Object Model (DOM) hierarchy, how to build a user interface to manage a complex simulations application, and more.

Pricing: $11,00 for the online, full-stack immersive course; $13,000 for the onsite, full-stack immersive program


The Coding Boot Camp of UT Austin javascript classes bootcamp Austin
The COding Boot Camp of UT Austin

Location: University of Texas at Austin  

Course overview: The Coding Boot Camp of UT Austin offers a coding bootcamp that focuses on JavaScript, which can be taken full-time for 12 weeks or part-time for 24 weeks. The bootcamp, which can be taken either in-person or online, covers front-end and back-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, MongoDB, React.js, MySQL and Heroku. Students work with their peers on complex projects and hands-on programming training. At the end of the course, students receive a Certificate of Completion from UT Austin, as well as a wide range of career support services, such as resume writing, social media profile support, portfolio reviews and soft-skills training. 

Pricing: $11,500


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