Virtuix Raises $19M From Mark Cuban, Others to Launch At-Home VR Treadmill

May 26, 2021
Omni One
Photo: Virtuix

Are you tired of playing video games on the couch? Would you rather run, jump and crouch inside Grand Theft Auto or Battlefield 4 from the comfort of your living room? Thanks to Austin-based Virtuix, a pioneer in active virtual reality, the latter will soon be obtainable. 

Virtuix announced Wednesday it raised more than $19 million to roll out Omni One, a household multi-directional treadmill that puts users in a virtual world. This Series A-2 funding round comes from approximately 6,500 investors including Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. 

“With Omni One, your home becomes a portal into new worlds and gaming adventures like never before,” Jan Goetgeluk, CEO and founder of Virtuix, said in a statement. “For the first time, you’re no longer restricted by the limited space in your home. You can roam endlessly around immersive virtual worlds as you would in real life using your whole body.”

Omni One allows users to move forward and backward, crouch, kneel and jump. The easy-to-fold, 360-degree treadmill is four feet in diameter and requires users to wear a VR headset and a vest strapped to a stand.

“Omni One isn’t just a next-level gaming device; it also keeps you in shape by burning calories while gaming,” Goetgeluk said. “Think of Omni One as a Peloton bike for gamers, and for parents who want to get their kids off the couch.”

Virtuix has shipped Omni commercial systems to entertainment venues, such as Dave & Buster’s, in 45 countries. The commercial system has been used by more than 2 million people worldwide, according to a news release. This success led Virtuix to create an at-home system.

Omni One is expected to be in households later this year. The at-home system will retail for $1,995 and launch with 30 games, including some developed by Virtuix. Goetgeluk said he is hoping to bring the system “to millions of homes around the world.”   

Virtuix was founded in 2013 and has raised approximately $35 million to date. Previous investors include Tekton Ventures, Scout Ventures, Western Technology Investment and others.

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