Hyliion Expands HQ by 40,000 Square Feet, Makes Room to Hire 360+

Hyliion designs and develops electrified powertrain systems for commercial transportation. The company is based in Cedar Park just 20 miles north of Austin.

Written by Cassidy Ritter
Published on Jun. 08, 2021
Hyliion Expands HQ by 40,000 Square Feet, Makes Room to Hire 360+
Photo: Hyliion

Hyliion announced on Tuesday plans to expand the company’s Cedar Park headquarters located just north of Austin.

Hyliion, which designs and develops electrified powertrain systems for commercial vehicles, currently occupies 82,800 square feet in Cedar Park and plans to expand to nearly 124,100 square feet. The larger, two-story space will allow the company to increase capacity by 50 percent, according to a news release.

“Our facility expansion and redesign is a critical step in our path to commercialization,” Sherri Baker, CFO at Hyliion, told Built In. “We will significantly increase our production and install space we need to launch both our Hybrid and Hypertruck products, as well as handle the significant employee growth plan for the years ahead.”

The redesign adds 20,000 square feet of office space, according to the release. This will allow Hyliion to grow from its current 136 employees to 500. The automotive company is actively hiring 32 people with more to come. Open roles include an engineer, developers, a buyer, a sales associate and a software product manager.

The expanded headquarters will more than double the installation space and the number of trucks undergoing simultaneous installation. Hyliion will also triple space to develop the company’s battery technology, increase the testing area and add a fitness center.

The headquarters redesign will be done in three phases with the first expected to be complete in October.

Hyliion rendering
Photo: Hyliion

“Our people and our products are at the core of this expansion,” Thomas Healy, CEO and founder of Hyliion, said in a statement. “We are growing to accommodate current and expected future demand for our innovative powertrain solutions. Each decision made in our building redesign is intended to support our commercialization goals.”

Founded in 2015, Hyliion aims to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions from commercial trucks. The company uses data analytics and software algorithms to decrease fuel and operating costs for fleets, according to the release. Hyliion plans to roll out a new hybrid model later this year followed by the launch of Hypertruck ERX.

Several other electronic vehicle companies call the Austin area home and are actively hiring, including Tesla and Volcon ePowersports.

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