Find Fresh Opportunities with Seven Companies Hiring Now

This summer is ripe with opportunities — we spoke with local leaders at growing companies about who they’re looking to hire now.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Jul. 25, 2022
Find Fresh Opportunities with Seven Companies Hiring Now
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This summer, biologists identified a new species of water lily now thought to be the largest in the world. Long mistaken for another species, Victoria boliviana grows rapidly and produces leaves that grow up to ten feet wide along with massive flowers that turn from white to pink.

It’s an apt metaphor for the Austin tech scene. Like the gorgeous pond of lilies that welcomes visitors to Zilker Botanical Gardens, Austin’s startup community continues to bloom, and for job seekers, it’s the perfect time to discover a new role.

Across industries, many companies are especially interested in engineers, sales and support professionals, marketers and customer experience specialists at all seniority levels to help take their missions to the next level.

Built In Austin spoke with seven companies to learn more about the opportunities they have to offer across their organizations while growing as fast as V. boliviana’s giant leaves.


Josh Coffey
SVP, Engineering • Bonterra


Bonterra builds products that connect social good organizations with their supporters and constituents.


How much will the Bonterra team grow over the next 12 months?

We’re in a heavy growth phase and looking to bring hundreds of new employees into Bonterra throughout the remainder of 2022. Our most rapidly growing areas include our engineering, product, customer success, marketing and sales teams, with opportunities spanning all levels of contributor and management roles. We have a presence across the United States, Canada, UK and ANZ, in addition to remote opportunities.


What’s fuelling your current growth?

Bonterra brings together four companies in the social good tech space. As one we’re driving social impact via software that supports fundraising and engagement, corporate social responsibility, volunteerism, case management and more. With all these capabilities and new investments under one roof, we’re looking to expand the reach of our current tools, while creating innovative ways to bring new experiences and capabilities to power the organizations that are doing the most good in the world.

Bonterra enables and elevates the hardworking people at organizations that do social good by bringing together best-in-class tools and technology.”


What makes Bonterra special for potential applicants?

Bonterra enables and elevates the hardworking people at organizations that do social good by bringing together best-in-class tools and technology. We power those who power social impact. Every single day we’re providing the support and tools that allow billions of dollars from funders, donors and volunteers to find the organizations providing the social programs that are improving our communities. Those same organizations use our tools to design, deliver, track and scale the impact they are making in the tens of millions of people’s lives we help improve on an annual basis. We do this all while also being a world-class enterprise software company with incredible amounts of personal agency, autonomy and a strong track record of career mobility.



Nate Forman
Vice President, Engineering • DISCO


DISCO provides an integrated AI tool that helps those working in legal services to collect, process and review data.


How much will the DISCO team grow over the next 12 months?

There is a ton of opportunity to contribute to a rapidly growing engineering team at DISCO. We are looking to scale by more than 50 percent this year to keep up with the accelerating demand for cloud-native and AI-driven legal technology solutions. 

Our mission is to use technology to transform the practice of law, and our software helps to deliver better legal outcomes. Every day, we deliver extensive value to not only the customers we serve, but also to society at large, as the law touches every person. One of the most exciting things to me about working at DISCO is how there are always interesting challenges to address, while at the same time, we also see the impact of what we deliver to the legal market.

We value talent, adaptability, curiosity and the ability to deliver over deep past experience in any one stack.”


What’s fuelling your current growth?

DISCO is highly dedicated to platform engineering. We invest roughly half our engineering effort on leverage, architectural quality and our ability to be productive. We create capabilities that are used across our entire suite of products, and that can be used to easily create new offerings. We focus on making our systems massively scalable, highly performant, available, secure and easy to extend. Our systems help our engineers to deliver value and make impact independently, quickly and easily. The result of this investment is the foundation for the fast, reliable, magical experiences that our customers love.

To that end, we are recruiting top talent to join us in growing and building that foundation. We are looking for engineers experienced with datastores at scale, microservice architectures, orchestration and streaming, cloud technology and infrastructure automation. We value talent, adaptability, curiosity and the ability to deliver over deep past experience in any one stack.


What makes DISCO special for potential applicants?

DISCO is a great environment for engineers to build career capital. Employees learn and grow from our team of talented engineers, and the challenges we tackle excite even the most seasoned veterans. Contributions from our team are used daily to parallel process and enrich billions of files, perform precise eloquent indexing and search over petabytes of data and provide core capabilities such as domain abstraction, event messaging and analytics. We have a culture where respect is a given and diversity is valued. Our “strong opinions, loosely held” means that egos get left at the door and options are considered on their merit.

Our long-term focus on delivering value comes from our CEO’s vision of delivering magical products across the entire legaltech space. This keeps us focused on creating products that our customers love rather than just addressing short-term challenges, allowing us to focus on getting it right rather than driving to a specific date. This philosophy helps us achieve our practical mission to be a legal technology category creator. We also get to do good in the world by strengthening the rule of law, in addition to just pursuing business interests.



NinjaOne group photo


Mike Reed
Head of Recruiting • NinjaOne


NinjaOne provides unified software solutions that simplify IT operations.


How much will the NinjaOne team grow over the next 12 months?

NinjaOne has been experiencing explosive growth for the past several years. We are on track to nearly double our workforce in 2022, and we have plans to hire over 200 more people by the end of this year. We expect that pace to continue into 2023. Our largest growth areas are in sales, engineering and support.

Our largest growth areas are in sales, engineering and support.”


What’s fueling your current growth?

There are a couple of things fueling our growth. First and foremost is the strength of our products. NinjaOne’s initial success came from our flagship product NinjaRMM, which has been rapidly adopted as the go-to tool for IT professionals and managed service providers to remotely manage and monitor devices. Today, our product has matured into the NinjaOne platform, which combines patch management, IT asset management, endpoint monitoring, remote control and help desk into one fast, intuitive platform, making IT teams more efficient and users more productive.

Secondly, it’s our people. We have assembled an outstanding group of people across the globe. Our team is intelligent, talented and, most importantly, they care about the work we do and the customers we serve. It is part of our DNA to deliver world class service to each and every NinjaOne customer, and NinjaOne has created that same experience for our employees internally. We cultivate an environment where our people are valued and cared for. Ninjas are given the opportunity to learn and develop their careers and are celebrated and rewarded along the way.


What makes NinjaOne special for potential applicants?

Authenticity. We are a company that welcomes everyone and encourages them to be themselves. Diversity of thought and diversity of experience strengthen us. We remain committed to being a humble organization where everyone is a product manager and can voice their ideas in a place that is welcoming, all the way up to our founder and CEO. Our strength is in our people, and together we can accomplish just about anything we set our minds to.



Gretchen Lynn
VP of Customer Experience • Levelset, a Procore Company


Levelset, a Procore Company, is helping the construction industry simplify compliance and payment processes, decrease financial risks and improve cash flow. Procore Technologies is a  global provider of cloud-based construction management software that streamlines the entire lifecycle of a construction project with the mission to improve the lives of everyone in construction.


How much will the Levelset team grow over the next 12 months?

Within the Levelset product, we’re seeing most of our growth across our sales, marketing, customer success and engineering teams. Procore is also growing globally and is hiring for engineering, sales and customer success positions. All of these roles touch the customer experience, which we pride ourselves on. To provide a 5-star customer experience, you first have to create a 5-star employee experience, which begins when someone is recruited and continues throughout their employee journey with opportunities such as job training and growth. When employees know the customer, product and market much more intimately, it can’t help but ooze into the customer experience. This has always been our mindset as we’ve built teams and is something we will continue to carry forward.


What’s fueling your current growth?

Being acquired by Procore in 2021 means we can now put additional resources to finding more innovative ways to drive the industry forward. We’re constantly looking at the market to analyze product fit and identify areas for improvement. It’s a really exciting time for us right now because we’re working within the Procore team to combine strategies, perspectives and industry stakeholders to help deliver on our mission to connect everyone in construction on a global platform.

Being acquired by Procore in 2021 means we can now put additional resources to finding more innovative ways to drive the industry forward.”


What makes Levelset special for potential applicants?

We have a customer-first, purpose-driven mindset. We’re all working towards improving the lives of everyone in construction. People want to work at a company where they have pride, excitement and passion for what they are doing. Helping to make a positive impact on people’s lives is also so important. That’s the power of what we do here. Joining us means having the chance to transform an industry and your career.



Sonar group photo at a park with a lake in the background


Olivier Gaudin
CEO • Sonar


Sonar recently raised $412 million to power continued growth of their clean code software solutions.


How much will the Sonar team grow over the next 12 months?

The Austin-based team is expected to grow by 50 percent in the next 12 months. The sales, sales engineering, customer success, customer support, finance, accounting, people and culture, recruiting, human resources and marketing departments are all expanding to meet the needs of the business in hyper-growth mode. 

With our recent funding, we anticipate doubling our sales force in 2022 and growing our marketing team in Silicon Valley as well as across existing offices in Austin, Texas, Geneva, Switzerland, Annecy, France and Bochum, Germany. This investment will help the company expand its reach among the world’s 60 million software developers. In addition, we have opened a new regional headquarters in Singapore, allowing us to build the business within the APAC market.

The recent move to our brand new office space has been a special milestone for the Austin-based employees. This 26,000 sq. ft space in downtown Austin across from the capitol building provides a modern environment for our fast-growing organization.


What’s fueling your current growth?

SonarSource delivers a fundamental solution, clean code, that makes all organizations efficient and productive by making their software better. 

As companies are built on software, it is critical that the software is secure, reliable, easy to manage and durable. However, the reality is that internal and external dependencies and the growing complexity make it challenging to achieve this objective. For most organizations, the resulting state leads to slow development velocity, technical debt, lack of collective ownership and security vulnerabilities. This can make software more of a liability than an asset.

Code, the core of the software, dictates its attributes. Clean code ensures that software remains an asset, not a liability. Clean code is the ideal state for any software. The Sonar solution helps organizations deliver clean code which ultimately frees up resources so they can focus on the business.

SonarSource’s open source and commercial solutions — SonarLint, SonarCloud and SonarQube — are trusted by more than 6 million developers and 300,000 organizations globally. The adoption by developers and organizations globally, continues to fuel the company’s strong growth.

In May we were able to all come together for team bonding, sharing accomplishments and planning, all while enjoying the beautiful Geneva summer landscape.”


What makes SonarSource special for potential applicants?

SonarSource has been built around its people and unique team-based culture. Its products are architected with a developer-first approach and the go-to-market motion has primarily been product-led.

SonarSourcers engage in active feedback forums and have a strong voice in making company-wide decisions. The online discussion forums have served as an effective mechanism to elicit and incorporate input from all facets of the enterprise. The company has made significant investments in the people and culture function to facilitate the camaraderie and well-being of its employees. For example, in May we were able to all come together for team bonding, sharing accomplishments and planning, all while enjoying the beautiful Geneva summer landscape. It was a special time and an incredible event celebrating the many successes across the company! 

SonarSource is well on its way to becoming a generational company whose value is being recognized globally by individual developers, software development teams and their organizations. Becoming part of this journey is a special opportunity that will boost careers and personal growth for all participants.



MVF team photo on a pickleball court


John Evans
SVP Sales • MVF


MVF is a global business generating high volumes of new customers for businesses in over forty countries.


How much will the MVF team grow over the next 12 months?

MVF is all about growth. Ever since we opened our Austin office in 2015, we’ve been growing the team that’s based here and that’s set to continue into the future.

We currently have open roles available across the entire sales team, from our entry-level roles that go straight into our Sales Academy training program to enterprise account executives, which is ideal for experienced sales experts who are looking to establish and grow relationships with their clients internationally.

I’m also really excited about the fact that we’ve just invested in establishing our first Austin-based marketing teams. This will be the first time that we’ve recruited Austin-based non-sales roles so represents a real milestone in the growth of our American business.

Our plans are to triple the size of our US business over the next three years and we know what we need to do to get there. A key part of this plan is to build an autonomous American organization that has the might of MVF’s global growth machine but is relevant to the US market.

This will be the first time that we’ve recruited Austin-based non-sales roles so represents a real milestone in the growth of our American business.”


What’s fueling your current growth?

MVF has always been focused on growth. I’ve just celebrated my 10th year here and have seen the number of MVFers grow from 50 when I joined to almost 600 now, including 40 based in the US. 

Our model is to fuel the world’s fastest growing businesses with a high number of profitable incremental customers. This links our growth trajectory to that of our partners such as Vonage, Shopify, Clickup and Verizon.

We aim to transform how those businesses find new customers so, in order to do so, we run marketing campaigns through high volume and high quality channels that mean we’re able to attract people who have a genuine interest in making a purchase and match them with our partners who offer exactly what they’re looking for. By balancing the interests of both buyers and sellers, we’re able to build scale into everything that we do such as by launching global brands or by fueling the growth of our clients as they IPO.

The goal of everyone based in Austin is to build an American business so, as such, we’re going to continue investing heavily in our US team.


What makes MVF special for potential applicants?

We’ve made some really exciting investments in recent years — both in terms of acquiring businesses that have expanded our offering and industry experts who have joined the team — which now allow us to operate on a wider scale than ever before. This scale, when combined with our level of marketing expertise and the way in which we prioritize client success, has made us unique in the way we work.

I believe that the way MVF approaches onboarding new starters and investing in their future development truly sets us apart. Through a series of Academy-style onboarding programs, MVF University continued learning courses and a $1,500 annual personal training budget, we invest in providing long-term development and future success to every MVFer.

Our rapid growth over the last twelve years can only happen if our people grow with us. This means that the sales people have to step up to become sales specialists and managers in a short space of time. MVF has always operated as a meritocracy, so smart and ambitious people who add value can accelerate their careers.



GetSales group photo


Heather Laing
Senior Director of People • GetScale


GetSales is a sales organization specializing in customer acquisition.


How much will the GetSales team grow over the next 12 months?

GetSales is on track to double our headcount from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. In addition to hiring and training more high-caliber salespeople, a major focus has been building out our leadership layer to establish a foundation for growth. We are investing in managers, senior managers and directors across the enterprise to help us build the teams and operational structure that will support growth at scale. We are also making strategic hires across our people, systems and data and business operations teams to ensure we are well-positioned to seek and take on opportunities that the market has presented us.

GetSales is on track to double our headcount from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.”


What’s fueling your current growth?

Product-market fit. At our core, we offer our partners the ability to acquire new customers through sales, marketing and funnel optimization. The more we’ve honed in on our operations and offering, the more we’ve seen our growth horizons expand. We believe that we can be a fundamental ingredient to fuel the growth of our partners, and we’re just scratching the surface on how to leverage and align that into more mutually beneficial partnerships.

Beyond the business model and core competencies, we are fortunate to have a team that thrives on the challenges we face each day. The culture of our Austin headquarters today is a projection of our basement “office” in Silicon Valley: We’re a group of hard-working “figure it out” owners who celebrate wins and recognize individual and team contributions. This spirit has helped us retain key talent and attract new team members who seek the satisfaction that comes from solving new problems.


What makes GetSales special for potential applicants?

All great companies invest heavily in their products. At GetSales, our people are our product. Our output as a company can be no more than the output of our sales teams. Our scale and exponential improvements come from the leverage our data analysts and operations managers provide. Our lifeblood of talent comes from our amazing people operations and recruiting teams. GetSales’ core values include growth, ownership and recognition, and we hold ourselves accountable to giving every one of our employees opportunities and support to reach their maximum potential.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via listed companies and Shutterstock.

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