Hypori Raises $20M to Expand Into Fintech and Healthcare, Hire 30+

June 1, 2021
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It seems that, now more than ever, a large amount of work is being conducted on our phones. By allowing employees to use their own devices, companies are often able to reduce hardware and software costs, but this can also put the company at a greater security risk. An Austin- and Virginia-based startup aims to protect enterprise data and apps accessed by employees on their own devices.

Hypori is a security and management platform offering protection to corporate apps and data accessed via a cell phone. The cloud-based platform is not tied to a device, hardware, software or operating system guaranteeing separation of personal and corporate data.

The company announced Tuesday it raised a $20 million funding round. The Series A round was led by GreatPoint Ventures.

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“Now more than ever, cybersecurity is critical to the functions of our public and private sectors, and to protect sensitive data on any device from any network,” Jared Shepard, CEO of Hypori, said in a statement. “Unlike other solutions that are tied to the device and potentially impinge user privacy, Hypori breaks the binds to hardware by enabling secure access without dividing enrollment, collapsing the security boundary from edge devices to the enterprise.”

The recent funding round will be used for research and development and to expand Hypori’s platform into the fintech and healthcare markets later this year. The company, which currently serves the defense and intelligence industries, also has plans to move into more commercial markets.

Additional funds will also be used to expand the company’s headcount. Hypori currently has 70 employees and expects to grow to more than 100 employees by the end of the year. Most job growth is expected to take place in Austin, according to the company. In the meantime, Hypori is actively hiring 13 people to fill engineering, sales and developer positions.

Hypori’s platform is used by the U.S. Department of Defense and various Fortune 500 companies, according to a news release.

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