Love Where You Work: LogicMonitor’s Office Puts Employees Front and Center

What’s better than a workplace that feels like home? Learn why this technology solutions company loves coming to work every day.

Written by Mia Goulart
Published on Mar. 18, 2024
Love Where You Work: LogicMonitor’s Office Puts Employees Front and Center
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In an era where remote work is increasingly prevalent, the allure of a well-designed office space cannot be underestimated. Stepping into an elevated office offers the chance for meaningful interactions and a sense of belonging, and while a sleek space isn't everything, it certainly plays a role in attracting — and retaining — in-office employees. 

According to the meeting notes app ZipDo, 85 percent of employees believe the design of their workplace impacts their ability to perform their jobs effectively. Moreover, a report by Harvard Business Review found that employees who work in well-designed offices with natural light and greenery experience a 15 percent increase in productivity.

While these numbers might be new, they’re not shocking. Who wouldn't want to work in a space that sparks creativity, fosters engagement and feels like a second home?

Not employees at LogicMonitor. That’s exactly how they’d describe their office in Downtown Austin. Built In Austin recently sat down with Manager, Sales Engineering Aaron Richardson for more on what sets their space apart. 


Aaron Richardson
Manager, Sales Engineering • LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor seamlessly monitors everything from networks to applications to the cloud, empowering companies to focus less on troubleshooting and more on innovation. 


Describe your office space. What are some of its amenities that put employees front and center?

Our Downtown Austin office is awesome — seriously. It's bright and modern and has a great view of the river and the city. We also have a ton of plants that make the space feel fresh.

LogicMonitor knows a good work environment makes a difference. Our workplace experience team keeps us stocked with various drinks and snacks — healthy options, cold brew for the caffeine fiends and enough flavored water options to keep things interesting. Need a quiet spot to focus? We have plenty. Brainstorming session? Our collaboration rooms are perfect. We even have comfy mother’s rooms for our working parents.


Logic Monitor


One of my favorite things is our catered lunches. The food's great, but it's more about the chance to hang out and get to know people from other teams. We have an open layout that makes those random, cool connections happen.


What is your favorite spot in the office?

My favorite spot in the office is the big lunch area. There’s always a fresh coffee smell in the air, and people are constantly popping in and out for a chat between meetings. Everyone wants to connect and catch up. We all make time to form bonds.

This place is special to us. We have awesome lunches here every other week, and it's the best way to get to know people outside your team. They hold our big company meetings here too, so it's where we all get together and hear the latest.

It's not all about work though. Sometimes we set up volunteer projects here, or our employee groups use the space to meet up. It's cool how the area can be for lunch one minute, and then a place where we're giving back to the community the next.

The area can be for lunch one minute, and then a place where we're giving back to the community the next.”



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