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Big Data • Enterprise Web • Fintech • Social Impact
10 Employees

YvesBlue is building an intuitive data analytics platform that helps our clients understand their investments’ impact on the world. You’ll be joining a team of innovators in the FinTech space who are passionate about ensuring a more equitable and sustainable society/economy.

Social Impact
115 Employees

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (www.dell.org) is dedicated to improving the lives of children living in urban poverty around the world. With offices in Austin, TX, New Delhi, India, and Cape Town, South Africa, the Dell Foundation funds programs that foster high-quality public education and childhood health and improve the economic stability of families living in poverty. To date, the foundation has committed more than $2 billion to global children’s issues and community initiatives to accelerate opportunity for low-income families. Our mission demands that we seek out and embrace many different voices because bringing together a diversity of ideas and experiences is the most powerful way we know to ensure the people we serve have opportunities to succeed. To achieve this vision, we must create a diverse team and inclusive culture, listen to the people we serve, and build authentic and trusting partnerships. We work to overcome both the causes and the consequences of major inequities and systemic racism by ensuring that resources and opportunities are fairly distributed.

eCommerce • Logistics • Social Impact • Transportation
San Marcos, Texas, USA
30 Employees

Manifest is a full-service, Eco 3rd party logistics (E3PL) company offering carbon-neutral services to D2C businesses. We create a green impact by providing eco-friendly, 3PL solutions and build eco-forward efficiencies in your fulfillment operations. Manifest’s Eco3PL service is seamless, customizable, and scalable to fit start-ups, small to medium size businesses and corporate-sized e-commerce businesses alike. By incorporating corporate sustainability reporting (CSR) and carbon measurement at every stage of the 3PL process, we provide transparency by tracking climate and carbon impact for our merchants.

Greentech • Internet of Things • Social Impact • Software • Analytics
Austin, Texas, USA

At Banyan Water, we believe that water matters, so we create technology that helps to conserve it. We have created the most complete solution available to empower commercial water users to drastically impact their water use and budgets. We’re proud to work with clients who are committed to saving water, and about saving money at the same time.

Mobile • Social Media • Social Impact • Software
150 Employees

We're all about bringing people together. Bumble is the first app to bring dating, friend-finding, and career-building into a single social networking platform. Learn more about life in the Hive: http://bumble.com/careers

Mobile • Music • Social Impact
5 Employees

Day Dreamer is a mobile application and social community that helps creatives (musicians, artists, etc.) find the perfect collaborator. No longer are the days when you'll need to scour through creative Craigslist in hopes of making your creative dream a reality. We're changing how artists connect, collaborate, and succeed to better our communities.

Big Data • Greentech • Social Impact • Energy
11 Employees

Pecan Street is focused on advancing research and accelerating innovation in water and energy. We provide utilities, technology companies and university researchers access to the world’s best data on consumer energy and water consumption behavior, testing and verification of technology solutions, and commercialization services.

HR Tech • Social Impact

Out in Tech unites the LGBTQ+ tech community. We empower aspiring tech leaders to improve our world by showcasing accomplished speakers, producing timely and thought-provoking events, and connecting our members to new opportunities and each other.

Events • Mobile • Social Media • Social Impact • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
32 Employees

ibble is on a mission to make collective wisdom globally accessible. As a social media startup, we believe that we can make information entertaining and retainable by providing creative tools for creative people. Together our users will discover new ideas and gain perspectives faster than ever before.

Digital Media • Social Impact
35 Employees

Accelerate Change is a nonprofit media lab dedicated to catalyzing new scalable and sustainable digital media models for citizen engagement. We are particularly focused on developing new digital media models that engage communities of color and low-income communities, as well as models that bring together diverse citizens across class and race.

Co-Working Space or Incubator • On-Demand • Real Estate • Social Impact
6 Employees

Each of our three locations offer private offices, dedicated desks, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, event space, and virtual offices.

Edtech • Social Impact • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
70 Employees

We believe that all colleges should provide all students with a direct path to a great career. To that end, Podium partners with colleges and universities to deliver online programs that provide soft-skilled students with the in-demand hard-skills that lead to great employment outcomes.

Healthtech • Internet of Things • Kids + Family • Social Impact • Wearables
12 Employees

Our mission at WAVE is to dramatically reduce the incidence of preventable drowning through the use of technology, education, and public awareness. Our Cofounders Mark Caron and Dave Cutler assembled a dedicated team of water safety experts, aquatic professionals, engineers and designers and set out to create a reliable, simple to use, and affordable drowning detection system.

Greentech • Social Impact • Energy
Fully Remote
20 Employees

We’re a venture-backed, climate-tech startup based in Austin, TX. Combining the latest in design thinking, behavioral science, and solar data automation, Bodhi is the leading customer experience platform in the solar industry. Bodhi automates communication and personalizes the homeowners’ experience, empowering solar companies to focus on what they do best - executing projects, making more sales, and transforming communities around energy. Bodhi is trusted by a growing list of solar companies across the US.

Social Impact
250 Employees

Pathway Vet Alliance is here to support you in doing what you love with the veterinary industry's leading tools, talent and resources. Chat with us. We're changing the world — for the better. Everything we do, we do it to improve the lives of our employees, our practices and our patients as change agents for good.

Greentech • Other • Social Impact
15 Employees

World demand for plastics and rubber is nearly insatiable, declining just 2.5% CAGR due to COVID-19 but expected to grow by 8% CAGR to over $1.6 trillion by 2023 (citation). Of the 300 million tons produced each year, less than 8% is recycled, creating massive harm to the planet’s ecosystem and peoples. Applied Bioplastics is commercializing plant-based polymers that are far healthier and more sustainable at competitive pricing to their petrochemical-based analogues, aiming to capture 1% of this market within three years. We are delivering two products today: Biothermoplastics - a feedstock used by regional and global plastics manufacturers who want lower carbon impact while maintaining the same cost and performance characteristics as traditional petrochemical feedstock. We are uniquely positioned to serve the commodity plastics market with this material. BttR Board - a building material analogous to fiberglass using biomass and resin. This material is targeted for refugee and disaster assistance temporary housing (first in Bangladesh and India, then expanding to other regions as supply chains and input materials permit), and as decorative materials for custom homes and offices. Applied Bioplastics is a manufacturing company delivering our biothermoplastics and BttR Board, a research institute advancing the science of biopolymers, and a humanitarian organization working with local and global organizations to provide jobs and housing to impoverished areas.

Social Impact
4 Employees

Adventures in Wisdom is leading a worldwide movement to empower kids through life coaching. The company’s WISDOM Coach™ Certification program is helping professionals in over 30 countries use coaching stories and activities to bring personal development to kids ages 6-12. Photos: https://adventuresinwisdom.com/thank-you-photo-book-wisdom-coach

Edtech • Social Impact
20 Employees

Almost four million Texans have started college and not earned their degree. There’s not enough capacity in Texas’s higher education system to meet 60x30 by adding new students - we need a proven solution to help working adults finish their credential. The average college student has changed; over 74% of today’s students are post-traditional, meaning they’re older than 24, working 30+ hours, or supporting a family - and the higher education system was never designed to help them reach graduation So, PelotonU designed a solution with 5x results. Honed over eight years in Central Texas, our model combines two key elements: a flexible degree pathway called competency-based education (CBE) and a support program with individualized coaching. Parents, immigrants, 18-year-olds, and shift-workers have proven our model’s efficacy. Backed by their successes, we will scale our innovative virtual coaching program by 2025 to 8,000+ students across Texas earning at least 1,000 degrees.

Enterprise Web • Information Technology • Social Impact • Software

We launched our Office of Design & Delivery (ODD) in May 2018 to scale our capacity for designing and delivering the best possible services for our residents. Our culture is our strongest asset. We believe that work should be fun, that learning is ongoing, and that everyone has something to teach.

eCommerce • Fintech • Mobile • Social Impact
10 Employees

iBUILD is a powerful, mobile platform that closes the gap in affordable housing production by Empowering the World to Build™. iBUILD is a C2C market disruption tool that connects people in need of shelter with masses of construction-related people looking for work and facilitates open access to housing support services.