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Big Data • Information Technology • Legal Tech • Social Impact

Don't Get Mad Get Paid is a legal-tech startup that will help women to collect unpaid child support. There is over $118 billion in unpaid child support in the U.S. and we are building a product that will help women to find the payor & his assets & to finally collect what it owed to her.

Social Impact

Linda and Anne Zwanenburg, sisters with the same muscular disease, have set up OnlineBuddies to bring the chronically ill and / or the disabled into contact with each other.

Agency • Artificial Intelligence • Digital Media • Professional Services • Social Impact • Consulting • Design
Austin, Texas, USA
15 Employees

Leading the the next wave of brand marketing, we specialize in "Brand CX World Building" — a unique IP process that fuses brand strategy, stand-out creative & AI technology to design custom campaign roadmaps that build sustainable momentum for companies struggling with image evolution, customer disconnect and siloed communications efforts. Over the last 8 years our services & strategies have helped clients both (1) increase ongoing revenue from 5x-30x through brand strategies and cutting-edge creative as well as (2) set-up client's businesses for the next phase by boosting their storytelling optics and go-to-market strategies — raising over $327M in private investment, IPO or company purchase in the past few years Through our IP, DMC fuses human expertise and artistic ingenuity with cutting-edge AI technologies — to make your teams' jobs easier — both now and long-term. With clients ranging from local nonprofits to international celebrity entrepreneurs, pro athletes & multi-billion dollar health/fitness brands — we bridge form & function to spark a layer of empathy between innovative brands & audiences. We place a strong emphasis on people-driven branding through influencer collaborations, using analytics & creativity to reposition competitors as strategic partners. Dos Mundos acts as a true partner, typically filling the role of CMO, CXO in addition to open gaps in marketing & creative. With every client we take on, we offer leadership coaching & recruitment advice, allowing our clients to build out their internal teams and make all of our efforts more effective for the long run. Our team defines niche not by product but by people, we are committed to working with teams and leaders that share our values around social equity, inclusion and sustainability. Client Industries: Health + Wellness, Food + Beverage CPG, Consumer tech, Retail (#irl & ecomm), Restaurants & Hospitality , Innovative B2B Start-up Technologies, Fashion Chains, Cannabis, Celebrity & Athlete Brands, Real Estate, Where You May Have Seen Our Work: Activision Blizzard, UberEats, Goop, Seventh Generation, Hulu, Capital One, Amazon, Skinceuticals, Shutterstock, Cole Haan, Pluto TV, Expedia, The Tracy Anderson Method, Leonard Maltin, Trendkite ( now CISION) , Macallan Scotch, Lennox, CBS, KitchenAid, Fedex, Biotherm, Android, LA Times, Daily Mail, MGM International, National Geographic, Mio, Brandcast, Cnet, Best Buy, Forbes, Fast Company, New York Post, Barney’s New York...

Agency • Digital Media • Social Media • Social Impact • Analytics
70 Employees

Social Factor brings the experience and perspective of our team to turn world-class enterprise technology into personalized brand interactions. We capture attention, engage digital communities, and support digital transformation to unify the customer journey.

Marketing Tech • Mobile • Social Impact • Software • Analytics
40 Employees

We challenge the status quo of the research industry. We challenge our clients to question the way they make decisions. And we challenge our community to stay informed in the world of fake news and constantly learn more about the world around them. Companies need to know what people really think, want and need, but the irony is that many of these exact people want to make their voice heard but feel like nobody is listening. We thought it was time for a new solution. A platform that anybody could interact with and make their opinions heard. A tool for ordinary people to amplify their voice and for modern companies to hear them. And so OnePulse was born. Our platform does something no other market research company does - puts the user experience of our respondents first. We have built a community, not a panel, of real people who want to discover and share their thoughts on the things they care about. Our community is engaged and ready to answer anything and everything you might want to know, meaning you’ll have insights at your fingertips in a matter of minutes. And we’re not just talking about the research department; we believe insights should be accessible across your business. That’s why our intuitive, self-service platform is designed to be used by anyone. Because there are few things as powerful as insight in the room at all times.

Consumer Web • Mobile • Social Impact • Travel • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
20 Employees

Based out of Austin, Texas - flockx is a start-up looking to launch products aimed at building communities through local groups, real world events and common interests in your hometown or while traveling. We are looking to help individuals join local communities at a global scale, explore places that matter to them and, create memories together. Whether it’s finding the best food, activities, and events in a given location or connecting directly with like-minded people, flockx will allow you to share experiences in the community.

Other • Retail • Social Impact • Transportation
Plano, Texas, USA

PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers more than one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. PepsiCo generated more than $79 billion in net revenue in 2021, driven by a complementary beverage and convenient foods portfolio that includes Lay’s, Doritos, Cheetos, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Quaker, and SodaStream. PepsiCo's product portfolio includes a wide range of enjoyable foods and beverages, including many iconic brands that generate more than $1 billion each in estimated annual retail sales.

Edtech • Enterprise Web • HR Tech • Information Technology • Social Impact
20 Employees

Verb is the leadership development platform that prepares your people to adapt to the challenges of today’s rapidly changing workplace. Engaging and relevant topics help managers develop the leadership capabilities needed most in the modern workplace, enabling them to support the growth of everyone they lead. Microlearning activities prompt learners to practice skills in a safe space, take action in the real world, and reflect on their growth—leading to real skill development and behavior change.

Healthtech • Social Impact • Virtual Reality
31 Employees

Rey is a membership-based, on-demand mental health company on a mission to revolutionize mental health and wellness by improving access to personalized services through technology. We combine proven therapeutic interventions, like cognitive behavioral therapy, with clinically validated tools, like virtual reality, to care for a wide range of member needs in new and novel ways. Powered by OxfordVR, a spin-out of Oxford University and a leader in leveraging technology to deliver proven treatment tools in immersive environments, we are arming care teams with the tools they need to bring world-class treatments directly to our members’ homes.

Edtech • Social Impact
150 Employees

DonorsChoose makes it easy for anyone to help a teacher in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education. To date, teachers at 83% of all the public schools in America have posted classroom project requests on our site. Projects range from paper and markers for a poetry writing unit to violins for a school recital. More than 4 million “citizen philanthropists” have supported such projects, channeling books, field trips, technology, and other resources to more than 40 million students nationwide. In all, we’ve generated $1 billion for learning experiences designed by our country’s most dedicated public school teachers.

Artificial Intelligence • Edtech • Social Impact
26 Employees

Upswing helps more students earn a college degree by providing support to students through a virtual assistant that answers any questions about the college experience and connects students with their college tutors, advisors, and coaches. In 5 years, we've partnered with over 100 institutions and have prevented more than 20,000 student dropouts.

Edtech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Social Impact • Software
4 Employees

SkillsEngine is a social innovation team working to advance prosperity by connecting people, educators, and businesses through a shared understanding of skills. We are growing our Austin-based team of engineers and creatives to lead the next phase of our evolution--a free, public facing platform. We are seeking talented professionals interested in joining our team to help more people realize their own American Dream through greater career success. SkillsEngine is a non-profit initiative of the Center for Employability Outcomes supported by Texas State Technical College.

Artificial Intelligence • Greentech • Social Impact • Software • Energy
Fully Remote
13 Employees

Dash Energy is developing the next set of tools that helps energy brokers and suppliers work faster and more efficiently. Our technology platform empowers brokers and suppliers to speed up the manual processes, deliver additional value to clients, and close more contracts, faster. We are building the tools now, that will change the world of energy in the years to come.

Consumer Web • Fintech • Payments • Social Impact • Financial Services
Austin, Texas, USA
15 Employees

At Chipper, we're building the future of student loans. Our platform enables borrowers to discover and enroll in eligible repayment and forgiveness programs and seamlessly chip away debt faster. We believe that every borrower should have access to expert student loan guidance, regardless of employment, income, or credit score.

Fintech • Social Impact
5 Employees

U-Pledge is a stealth-mode FinTech startup that is addressing the half-a-trillion-dollar underserved donor nonprofit market in the U.S. today. Our mission is to provide more money to more nonprofits to do more good in the world. We accomplish this through our proprietary, and first of its kind, philanthropic credit product.

Greentech • Machine Learning • Mobile • Social Media • Social Impact
13 Employees

Our goal is to build the future of living with plants. We've started by creating a delightful mobile app that helps people grow thriving plants. Our community has grown from 100 beta users in August 2020 to over 60,000 active users today. Plants have been watered with Greg over 3M times, and partners like The Sill and over 100 other retailers have started sharing Greg to help their customers care for newly-purchased plants.

Fintech • Mobile • Social Impact • Software • Financial Services
Austin, Texas, USA
14 Employees

Stellar sets out to disrupt the poverty cycle by giving its users the flexibility to pay their bills on their own schedule, while building credit and generating value. We are a Public Benefit Corporation and believe that late bill payments and defaults are not simply consequences of poverty but, rather, its drivers. Our team is looking for talented, creative thinkers who are passionate about our cause!

Healthtech • HR Tech • Social Impact • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
600 Employees

Our mission is simple—we’re changing the way we care for our parents so they can live safely at home as they age. But how we accomplish our mission is anything but simple. Every day, we’re solving complex problems that don’t come with a playbook. Sound exciting? If you’re someone who shares our core values—Own the Outcome, Solve with Empathy, and Act with Honor—let’s talk. Founded in 2014, Honor is now one of the fastest-growing, non-medical home care companies in the U.S. Why? We realized that by combining our amazing technology and operations with the local, personal touch of our partner agencies, we could make real progress transforming this fast-growing, $30BN industry. Honor’s unique approach is driving our leadership as an innovator—and our rapid growth. We have cutting-edge machine learning, a beautiful, well-designed app, and industry-leading design, paired with a strong sales, marketing, and support engine. But we're not a tech company, we're a human company. The technology we design just helps our people be even better at their jobs.

Social Impact

inLieu was created to fill a gap between material gift giving and donating to the causes we love. The perfect gift for any occasion – a simple thank you, graduation, host, or wedding gift, or for no occasion at all. inLieu is giving us the opportunity to participate in changing the world, one gift at a time.

Agency • Marketing Tech • Other • Social Impact
5 Employees

Matterlab is a marketing and communications agency that partners with social impact organizations to provide an array of strategic and creative services. We focus on creating results that drive measurable impact for the social good.