Make your own luck: These 5 awesome companies are hiring in March

March 3, 2016

There are hundreds of Austin tech jobs on our job board. They range from the tech specific, like development and design, to transferable trades like finance, marketing and even legal counsel.

That’s a lot to look through if you’re in the market — or even just browsing. We've rounded up five companies in Austin whose perks and culture might help you focus your search.


Why it’s great to work there: Have you ever heard a coworker cry at a meeting via Google Hangout because they haven’t been at work for a week and miss their team/job that much? Well, we have! True story. The spirit of inclusion is strong at Aceable. We have people from all different backgrounds with different interests, but we prioritize finding ways to have fun together. One of those ways is our “scarfing” ceremonies, where new teammates are honored with the placement of an Aceable scarf over their shoulders in front of Team Aceable. — Jaclyn Napier, Community Support

What they’re looking for: We’re looking for bright, genuine people who relish in taking on challenges, while consuming massive amounts of cheez-its and handing out ALL the high-fives. The best candidates are excited by our core values: #BeAuthentic, #EmbraceChallenges, #HelpOthers, #CreateDelight, #PursueGrowth and #SeekToUnderstand. — Napier


Why it’s great to work there: Phunware is the only place I’ve ever worked that actually had a SMarketing team. Not a typo — it's an integrated sales and marketing team that works together to take down our numbers. I’ve worked at other companies where sales and marketing considered each other competitors, threats or nonessential players. At Phunware we recognize that everyone plays an important role, and we work together. With tacos. — Emily Reynolds, Content Marketing Manager

For me, it's all about the collaboration to make something amazing. My best memory at Phunware is working with one of our engineers and the VP of Engineering late one afternoon to whiteboard a critical product update that would help us change the direction of Phunware’s platform and propel us to stardom in the mobile platform space. We spent three hours hashing out the needs, requirements and the amazing use cases we would enable and developing a real plan that could be executed on in the coming months. That collaboration between product and engineering to create something truly innovative was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Phunware. — Palak Shah, Director of Product

What they’re looking for: Working at Phunware is like jumping onto a train that’s already moving. There's a lot to learn and a lot happening quickly, so you can’t be scared by that. But once you do land on your feet, you realize it’s a fabulous train. Maybe not the train to Hogwarts or the one in The Hunger Games, but it’s still very exciting and full of fun characters and cool technology. If you join Phunware, it’s because a lot of people wanted you here and because you have a set of skills, experience and weird qualities that make you part of the Phamily. If you can kick ass at what you were hired to do, you have a real opportunity to leave a mark. We want candidates who are excited about that. — Emily Reynolds, Content Marketing Manager


Why it’s great to work there: For nearly seven years, theCHIVE has been a family of offbeat personalities who, might not be employable elsewhere. They possess certain qualities which carefully mix work and party... and sometimes not so carefully. And that’s the point — theCHIVE is really just the digital extension of the people who work here. And theCHIVE HQ in Austin is our creative sandbox. Starting on Wednesday, we gather after hours at theCHIVE’s Copper Bar and drink KCCO Gold before we transition to bourbon.

This is a family run company, not a corporation. We don’t have shareholders leaning on us to squeeze more money out of our users, we stopped caring about padding our bottom line long ago. We inhabit a life untethered from the Ivy League machines. — Dave Welch, Brand Director

What they’re looking for: People who’d like to join the company definitely need to realize that first and foremost - simply being good at your job will not work here. We’re always on the lookout for people who match our spirit, believe in the charitable work we are doing and who want to bring new ideas to the table on a daily basis. — Gillian Wilson, Director of Human Resources


Why it’s great to work there: Add up the best view in Austin, free flowing snacks, regular happy hours, and the opportunity to change the world and crush one of the biggest issues affecting millennials — student loans — and you get AWESOME.

What they’re looking for: To thrive on a team of geniuses, you have to be super-vocal, hyper-passionate and a collaborator. There was no path in this space before we started blazing one, and the candidates who are the best fit don’t mind hacking at the wilderness of one of America’s biggest business problems.

The real common thread in our culture is passion for life, not just work. We’ve got actors, singers, musicians, gymnasts, competitive eaters and a ton of other interesting weirdness on the squad. We are all striving to be a genius somewhere else, which makes us awesome at what we do. Genius is a habit. — Jovan Hackley, Director of Marketing and PR



What they’re looking for: As a part of the Procore team, you are building the software that builds the world. You get to work with a passionate team on a product that has a concrete (don’t mind the pun) impact on the world around you. You’ll have ownership over defining and evolving your role, and the trust and respect of your peers, who value your unique background and point of view you bring to the operation.

Procore moves quickly. Our entire company has adopted an agile development-minded approach to our work, but you will always know what direction we’re moving in, how well we’re performing and why we make decisions with regular communication from our executive team and your leadership.

Why it’s great to work there:

Procore works to keep everyone happy and healthy — professionally and personally — with full medical benefits, unlimited PTO, 401k, stock options and more.

We have worked hard to create and maintain a culture where you can own your own work, are encouraged and given the resources to try new ideas, all while in an open collaborative environment. For this environment to thrive, we hired based on our values of Openness, Optimism, and Ownership. — Hannah Ramadan, Recruiting Campaign Manager

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