7 Austin tech internships to help you make the most of your summer

by Colin Morris
April 21, 2016

By the time you’re wrapping up your college degree, you’re usually ready to put classwork behind you and try your skills out on the real world. Enter the internship: Most of these summer programs at Austin tech companies pair you up with full-time staff and bridge that critical gap between doing projects and building products. Oh, and almost all of them are paid.

Here are eight you can apply for right now.


The gig: Customer Success Support Internship

What you can look forward to:

  • Aggregating and analyzing customer data
  • Creating monthly reports outlining the impact and success of personalization
  • Assisting the customer success team in developing recommendations and optimizations
  • Providing platform support to customers as they build campaigns within the platform

The company: Get Smart Content is a SaaS marketing platform that uses behavioral data from a number of sources to personalize web experiences and increase the effectiveness of media and content marketing. Its magic lies in the ability to use analytics to predict and serve the right content to the right person at the right time.

The gig: Content Marketing Internship

What you can look forward to: The content marketing intern will be diving head first into Austin’s exciting tech startup ecosystem and experience firsthand the ins and outs of modern digital and social content management. You will be working directly with the marketing and sales teams to learn RealMassive’s “voice”, top company and industry business priorities, and translate these into a dynamic editorial plan. You will be responsible for planning, generating, and sharing blog, social, and thought leadership content.

The company: RealMassive is modernizing commercial real estate by creating an innovative marketplace for professionals and tenants to search for space, list availability data, and better market their properties, firms, and professionals.


The gig: Business Development Intern

What you can look forward to: As a Business Development intern you’ll have the opportunity to join a fast growing Austin-based startup and be on the frontlines of the most important part of our platform: finding and unleashing our Passionaries. You’ll work our team leaders and CEO to execute a comprehensive recruitment strategy that enables as many people as possible to make a living doing what they love.

The company: The #besomebody app enables people to live their passion by connecting them with content, people and experiences based on their passions. At the heart of our platform is an Experience Marketplace that enables people to learn anything they are passionate about by booking Experiences with talented teachers, coaches and instructors (“Passionaries”) around them.


The gig: Internships available in QA, 3D art, visual design and business development. Apply here.

What you can look forward to: An office full of emerging tech, brilliant minds and all the energy drinks, beer and munchies you can imagine.

The company: Mutual Mobile uses emerging technologies to shape the future of some of the biggest brands in the universe. This quirky video gives you a taste of the office vibe, and this one shows how Mutual Mobile likes to mix it up for a day every year and let employees play a different role in designing new products.


The gig: Digital Native Innovation Intern

What you can look forward to: A paid, 10-week internship working at the cutting edge of mobile fintech.

The company: Malauzai was incorporated in 2009 in response to the growing demand for a technology company that could provide innovative mobile solutions for community financial organizations. With a focus primarily on community financial institutions, Malauzai provides consumer, small business, employee smartapps, smart web apps and smartwear apps that enhance the customer experience for mobile and Internet banking.


The gig: Software Engineering Internship

What you can look forward to: Learning to build a high availability data science platform, while working with a great team and writing code that will actually be used by clients around the world.

The company: Fashion Metric is a data science and machine learning company that provides a SaaS solution for apparel retailers and brands. One intern from 2014, a computer science major at UT Austin, started full-time with the company right after graduation and has been there ever since. He was employee number four and is currently doing some incredible things as our backend developer.


The gig: Internship opportunities across the board

What you can look forward to: As an intern, you’ll work in a professional, collaborative environment under the supervision of a manager and the direction of a mentor and take on exciting, challenging, high-visibility projects. Meanwhile, the Talent Programs team will provide you with career guidance and coaching opportunities.

The company: Founder and CEO Vijay Mehra, a crack Salesforce guy and an ex-CRE investment guru, saw the potential magic in a marriage of Salesforce and real estate. Since then, REthink, which began as a CRM tailored for agents and brokers, has evolved into a full-blown real estate business management solution for commercial and residential, with features for virtually every person in the firm. The company is 100 percent bootstrapped, so the only people who influence it is the clients.


Looking for more? Check out all the internships on our jobs board.

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