Opportunities Abound at These 4 Austin-Based Tech Companies

Between their large funding rounds, nationwide expansion and new learning opportunities, the following companies offer job seekers plenty of opportunities.
Written by Taylor Karg
June 29, 2021Updated: October 27, 2021

Over the past few years, companies big and small have set up shop in the Lone Star State’s capital, bringing thousands of talented techies with them. 

But now, with over 3,000 tech companies spanning the area, competition to attract said talent is more fierce than ever. And as a result, companies are trying to find creative ways to give job seekers what they really want.

So what exactly do job seekers really want these days? Opportunities. Opportunities for both professional and personal growth; opportunities to work on innovative products; and opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives. 

“Every day when I come into work, I know that I have the opportunity to make a difference in communities around our nation,” Andrew Eppen, a performance marketing specialist at Restore Hyper Wellness, said. 

Below, Built In Austin checked in with Eppen and leaders from three more (now hiring!) companies to hear which opportunities attracted them to their current roles or which have resulted in their tenures. And between their large funding rounds, nationwide expansion and new growth, opportunities abound at the following Austin-based tech companies. 


Karli Berger
Senior Manager of Revenue Operations

AlertMedia is a communication and notification platform for critical situations, providing reliable and secure messaging across multiple channels and devices to help companies keep their employees safe and informed. 


Continuous learning opportunities: “I’ve been with AlertMedia for seven years now,” Berger said. “I started at the company in 2014 as a marketing intern when there were only seven of us. In the early days, I helped with everything under the sun. Every day, I was confronted with a new challenge or something I had never done before. 

“That’s why I’m still with AlertMedia today. While I’m now further along in my career and leading our revenue operations team, I still learn something new every single day. The environment is fast-paced and challenging, but it is extremely rewarding and allows every individual to develop new skills.  

“One of my favorite parts about working here is that the company still has a lot of the same characteristics as it did when I first joined. Our culture hasn’t changed — if anything it’s only gotten better. That’s because everyone who works here genuinely believes in the work we do. We care about our customers, our product, and most importantly, each other. ”  

Everyone who works here genuinely believes in the work we do.”

Furthering its mission: “It’s incredible to think about how much we’ve accomplished over the past seven years since I joined the company. I joined a small Austin startup, and have had the privilege to watch it grow into a global software company helping some of the world’s largest and most influential brands keep their employees safe.  

“When I think about the next couple of years, I’m most looking forward to furthering our mission and ensuring every employee feels safe and informed at work. I’m also excited to continue growing my team over the next year and bringing on additional talent to help us continue to expand our products and services. We currently have open roles for a business intelligence analyst and a sales operations manager, both of which are essential for scaling our revenue operations.” 


Syed Abdur
VP of Product Management & Marketing

Brinqa is a cloud-enabled cybersecurity platform that helps enterprises identify, measure, respond to and monitor risks with services like real-time analytics, automated risk assessments and more. 


Affecting positive change: “I have been with Brinqa since 2011,” Abdur said. “That is a long time to stay at one company and a big reason for me to do so is an alignment of my personal beliefs and convictions with the company’s vision. I really believe in the power of technology to affect positive change in people’s lives. Technology should make it easier and simpler for individuals (or businesses) to realize their ultimate goals and full potential. 

“As digital transformation proliferates across industries and saturates every aspect of business, the IT infrastructure to enable and the security ecosystem to protect become larger and more complex. For cybersecurity to be effective and a true contributor towards business success, it must function as one team — always aligned in purpose, connected in data and transparent in communication. This is the vision that Brinqa helps our customers achieve.”

I am really excited to contribute to this stage of hypergrowth at Brinqa as we look to bring our product vision to cybersecurity organizations and practitioners everywhere.”

A period of hypergrowth: “This is a very exciting time for Brinqa. We recently announced our first-ever institutional investment, $110 million in growth funding from Insight Partners. This new injection of funds, combined with Insight Partners’ ScaleUp expertise, will fuel the next stage of our growth and accelerate ongoing efforts to make Brinqa an essential, unifying component of every enterprise cybersecurity ecosystem. The capital will be used to grow our workforce, accelerate sales and marketing initiatives, enhance customer experience and community building, and strengthen partner and channel ecosystems. With my product management and marketing responsibilities, I am really excited to contribute to this stage of hypergrowth at Brinqa as we look to bring our product vision to cybersecurity organizations and practitioners everywhere.”


Mike Read
Head of Sales Development

Ontra is a legal technology company that combines experienced corporate attorneys with cloud-based software to offer a scalable, end-to-end solution for negotiating and managing routine legal work. 


Opportunities for growth: “Hands down, the deciding factor was the people,” Read said. “Every single person I met during the interview process was welcoming, thoughtful, intelligent and inspiring. Our CEO stresses that as we scale, we’re looking for people who are kind, curious and hardworking, and everyone here embodies those traits.

“From the first interview, I knew it would be a place for me to grow professionally and personally. There was a human element to the interview process and I felt people were genuinely interested in me. On the professional side, I was blown away by the variety of people and their enthusiasm. We have many former corporate lawyers who pivoted from a traditional legal career. Their work ethic and attention to detail, combined with their passion for our business, is magnetic. Alongside the people, the company’s product-market fit is an amazing asset that you often don’t find and, as a salesperson, is something I look for. What we are doing in the legal technology space is incredibly exciting and the opportunity to make a true impact is tremendous.”

What we are doing in the legal technology space is incredibly exciting and the opportunity to make a true impact is tremendous.”

Future innovation: “I’m most excited to continue building the business development team not only in size but in skill too. As we grow, I’m developing training and best practices from the ground up. In partnership with sales and marketing, we’re perfecting our research methods for identifying key contacts at key accounts. Everyone is honing their outreach skills by phone, email and LinkedIn while learning how to flank objections and communicate the value of our products and services.  

“We started in North America, but over the past two years have opened offices and hired key team members in Europe and the Asia Pacific. We have incredible product and engineering teams, and I’m excited about our ability to innovate and offer a product that is constantly evolving. Many of the world’s leading global enterprises already use our products, and our relationships with them provide insight for future growth.”


Andrew Eppen
Performance Marketing Specialist

Restore Hyper Wellness is a proactive wellness company whose services address chronic pain, injury recovery, athletic performance, enhanced immunity and healthspan longevity. The company’s most popular services include whole body cryotherapy and IV drip therapy.


Making a difference: “The deciding factor that led me to accept a job at Restore was the company’s mission,” Eppen said. “Every day when I come into work, I know that I have the opportunity to make a difference in communities around our nation. Plus, I get to work with like-minded people that are equally passionate about our wellness-focused mission. Overall, I love working for Restore because we enable our customers to live happier and healthier lives!”

Every day when I come into work, I know that I have the opportunity to make a difference in communities around our nation.”

Nationwide expansion: “As Restore continues to grow, we’re expanding into more markets around the nation. Each new store is an opportunity to positively impact more people with our services! My work in Facebook advertising helps to bring more customers into our stores. I’m looking forward to reaching more people and positively impacting more lives with each new day.”

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