5 Austin companies hiring that will save you from workplace hell

Written by Tessa McLean
Published on Sep. 10, 2015
5 Austin companies hiring that will save you from workplace hell

As September rolls in, it brings with it quite a bit of structure. By now, the kids have gone back to school, and your day-to-day duties have likely started to buckle down and find a routine now that summer's unbound hours have returned to business. Before you get too settled for fall, the time is ripe to consider turning a new leaf — just before the trees do. Here are the top tech companies hiring in Austin in September. Resumes at the ready, Austin. 


Outbound Engine

OutboundEngine helps small business owners market themselves by doing it for them. They create original content for clients, automate their email campaigns, update their social media profiles, and ultimately help them grow their business by driving long term value from their customers.
"We like to hire people who are proactive, high-energy and bring a positive attitude into everything they do," Andrew Szatan, Director of Marketing, said. "Technical skills and an understanding of how to manage against metrics are important, too, but those things are much easier to teach. And since our product is designed to give local business owners enterprise-level marketing automation capabilities, we love to see candidates who are passionate about helping the businesses in their communities thrive."
Funding: $17.8M
Location: 504 Lavaca Street, Suite 1160
Perks: Catered lunch at least once per week, Choice of 24/7 parking pass or monthly Capital Metro pass, generous PTO and more
Founded: 2012



Adlucent makes it easy for people to find and buy products online, with consumer-intent based advertising technology. Adlucent provides retailers with powerful and scalable technology to effectively create, launch and manage high-volume, high-value, product-based ad campaigns. Leveraging its advertising and shopping analytics platform, Adlucent helps retailers acquire new customers and grow revenue profitably through relevant advertising.
“Adlucites are driven, focused on continuous improvement, wickedly smart and dedicated to making everyone on the team successful.” - Michael Griffin, Founder & CEO
Location: 2130 S. Congress Ave
Perks: Flexible hours/remote work, collaborative, cubicle-free and dog-friendly office, Getawaygrant after one year service
Founded: 2005



OwnLocal is the digital ad agency for local media. They help legacy media companies (print, radio, television) make money online through automating the digital sales process. They offer an affordable web presence for small business customers through our traditional media partners.
"OwnLocal is successful because of our unconventional hiring philosophy. We like raw potential and demonstrations of determination more than degrees and resumés. We want to hire people who are smart, willing to work extremely hard, and have a desire to prove themselves. We pride ourselves on identifying people who are total badasses before they even realize it." - Founder and CEO Lloyd Armbrust. 
Funding: $2.7M
Location: 701 Brazos St., 1613
Perks: Free downtown parking, free car2go membership, unlimited free Starbucks and more
Founded: 2010



Percolate's complete web and mobile software platform helps brands and agencies deliver unified, inspired customer experiences across all marketing channels. By automating repetitive work, improving team collaboration and delivering unique brand insights, Percolate is The System of Record for Marketing that helps businesses reduce marketing costs and capture widespread efficiency gains.
"Ideal Percolators encompass grit, drive, intelligence, and motor. We have a strong vision, to become The System of Record for Marketing, and we want candidates with a passion for that vision." - McKenna Vanderbeek, Growth Associate.
Funding: $74.5M
Location: 701 Brazos Street
Perks: Free employee breakfasts and lunches, subsidized gym memberships, over 20 active employee clubs and more.
Founded: 2011



MaxPlay is a cross-platform digital technology company focused on revolutionizing the games as a service market. Recently spun out of Technicolor Ventures, they're busy building a world-class set of tools and technologies that put more power in the hands of developers to create amazing games and take the guess work out of running live services.
"If you are skilled and want to build unbelievably powerful tools that are easy to use, work with the leaders in our industry, be inspired and challenged every day, change the lives of developers all over the world, make the tools that make every game possible, talk about workflows, raise glasses, roll dice, geek out on your favorite games, talk about robots and superheros and cartoons and music, then we really really want to talk to you."
Location: 13809 Research Blvd.
Perks: Fun and casual work environment, on-site gym, flexible PTO and more
Founded: 2014

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