The Top 5 ATX Companies on Forbes’ Best Startup Employers List

Seventeen Austin companies made it into Forbes’ new list of the nation’s top 500 startup employers.

Written by Gordon Gottsegen
Published on Mar. 12, 2021
The Top 5 ATX Companies on Forbes’ Best Startup Employers List
Austin top startup employers
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Countless people dream of landing a cushy job at a tech startup, but not all startup jobs are created equal. Some startups offer high wages and numerous perks, while others are more demanding and don’t allow for a good work-life balance. And sometimes a small, brand-new startup can offer better benefits than the big-name tech employers like Facebook, Google or Amazon.

To give people a better idea of what tech companies are actually good places to work, finance magazine Forbes partnered with Statista and launched its list of America’s Best Startup Employers.

The list analyzed data from 2,500 different companies with at least 50 employees. From there, the list was narrowed down to the top 500 using metrics like employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth. Seventeen companies from the Austin area made it into the top 500, with a handful of other businesses from across Texas. Below are the top five Austin companies to rank in Forbes’ list.


Rank #193

Everlywell sells at-home lab tests for numerous medical conditions, including tests for STDs, Lyme disease, food sensitivity, COVID-19 and more. The company’s at-home COVID-19 tests were a success this past year, but sales for its other tests grew in 2020 as well. Fast Company also just named the Austin startup among the nation’s 10 most innovative companies. Everlywell capped a successful 2020 by closing $175 million in Series D funding in December.


Rank #212

Convey is a logistics startup that has developed a delivery experience management platform to help companies manage their last-mile delivery needs. As e-commerce and demand for delivery services grow, tools like Convey’s platform are becoming even more important. Convey has several well-known companies as customers, including Neiman Marcus, and Eddie Bauer. The company was founded in 2013 and originally spun out of the Techstars accelerator.


Rank #201

Telehealth services have grown in popularity since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But while many telehealth companies focus on supplying care for medical issues, Iris Telehealth focuses on mental health. The company’s video platform connects people with licensed psychiatrists in order to provide mental-health services from the comfort of a patient’s home.


Rank #154

Ranking at number 154 nationally and number two among Austin companies is Innovetive Petcare, a startup that provides business tools to veterinary practices. The company helps with things like corporate benefits, career development opportunities, training, compensation and more, so veterinary practices can focus on their most important job: taking care of animals.


Rank #91

The top Austin employer on the list is The Zebra. Having very little to do with actual zebras, The Zebra is an online insurance marketplace and comparison search engine. Insurance can be expensive, and people often overpay for insurance coverage they don’t need. The Zebra aims to make buying the right home or auto insurance simple. The company raised $43.5 million in funding in its Series C round last year.

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