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3D Printing • AdTech • Professional Services

Da oggi sono disponibili i Calendari olandesi personalizzati con il vostro logo per il 2021. Wikaprint offre un'ampia varietà di calendari e articoli prodotti professionalmente a un prezzo ragionevole. Seleziona un design e includi le tue migliori immagini per creare il tuo calendario. Forniamo una selezione diversificata di opzioni ai costi più bassi in Italia. È disponibile la consegna in giornata. Acquistali subito.

3D Printing
Austin, Texas, USA

We manufacture 3D printers for plastic products or components 10x faster than the market standard.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Hardware • Wearables • Energy
Cedar Park, Texas, USA
5 Employees

The idea of my technology is behind the platform of Quantum mechanics and liquid tech technology and liquid armor is the base to build on and expand with other emerging technologies and market technology and combining them with caution and expansion . By creating quantum levitation it also allows a magnetic wave field present in the design.

3D Printing • Hardware
Austin, Texas, USA
4 Employees

Creative 3D Technologies designs & produces advanced manufacturing solutions in-house. Our aim is to empower people's ability to create, without constraints, supply chain, or worry if their more advanced solution is manufacturable. Creative 3D Technologies is making all-in-one solution tools that encompass and outperform entire suites of 3D printers and production tools, all-in-one, for a fraction of the cost. We believe you shouldn't need an entire suite of 3D printers to make a basic variety of parts, nor an entire factory to produce a product. The company entered the market with Duo, an all-in-one solution for 3D printing parts. Duo encompasses the typically separated function of an entire suite of 10+ separate 3D printers, all-in-one, for a fraction of the cost. Duo isn't a master of none, as it's more affordable than any of the 10 it encompasses, while individually outperforming them in each specialty. It enables the creation of previously impossible parts and affordable iteration. We're moving into manufacturing end-to-end products with Dyad Shift. Dyad will encompass the function of an entire factory/assembly line, by being a decentralized method of making an end-to-end finished product. Instead of needing labor, millions of dollars in machinery, and an entire factory of operations to make a simple device, Dyad can do it all-in-one, in more advanced geometries, for a fraction of the cost, and do so faster. It's a proper way to decentralize production.

3D Printing • Hardware • Logistics • Wearables
20 Employees

At Axiom Products, we provide reliable solutions for those industries that require accuracy while pouring chemicals and other safety products such as goggles, gloves etc.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Automotive
Chicago, Illinois, USA
200 Employees

Hubs is an online manufacturing platform that provides engineers with on-demand access to a global network of manufacturing services. Users can easily upload their design, instantly receive a quote, and start production at the click of a button. Founded in Amsterdam in 2013, Hubs has raised over US$30 million and produced more than 7 million parts, using various manufacturing technologies, including CNC machining, 3D printing, injection molding and sheet metal fabrication

3D Printing • Information Technology
Durham, North Carolina, USA

ThePro3DStudio, a top 3D designing company provides high quality 3D services including custom 3D modeling, rendering for product and architecture and animation for various industries across the globe.

3D Printing • Design
100 Employees

¡Despierta tu artista interior con ColorearW.com! Explora nuestra vasta colección de dibujos para colorear en línea y descarga tus favoritos para imprimir. ¡Relájate y diviértete sin marcas de agua! #ColorearW

3D Printing • Hardware • Real Estate • Robotics • Software
Austin, Texas, USA

ICON’s 3D-printed, high-performance homes feature elevated architectural and energy-efficient designs that highlight the benefits of resiliency and sustainability with the digital possibilities of additive construction. Delivered at speed and at scale using a fleet of ICON’s Vulcan robotic construction systems, software and advanced materials, each home’s full wall system including interior and exterior walls are produced with less waste and with more design freedom.

3D Printing
Pflugerville, Texas, USA

Essentium is fundamentally changing how things are made. As innovators in both materials and production platforms, we are disrupting traditional manufacturing processes by bringing speed and strength together, at scale, with a no compromise material set. We are committed to creating industrial solutions for the world’s top manufacturers and bridging the gap between 3D printing and machining.

3D Printing • Professional Services • Retail

Shopper Personalizzate è noto per le sue borse di qualità. L'ovvia ragione della popolarità delle shopper bags è che vengono regolarmente utilizzate per una varietà di funzioni. Il loro uso principale è trasportare o immagazzinare oggetti, rendendoli un elemento necessario per la maggior parte delle persone. Di conseguenza, un articolo enorme, portatile e funzionale è l'ideale per promuovere il marchio o il messaggio di marketing della tua azienda.

3D Printing • AdTech
67 Employees

We are the pioneers in offering Design Support Services across the Global Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry. Our team has over 100 Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, and CAD Technicians. The senior management at The AEC Associates has 75 years of collective experience in setting up cutting edge operational processes and c

3D Printing
15 Employees

re:3D® Inc. is a Texas based hardware company tackling affordable, human-scale 3D printing. With over 260 customers in 38 countries around the world, re:3D manufactures Gigabot - the world’s largest, industrial 3D printer under $9K. Gigabot rivals the printing resolution of other industrial printers at 1/10 the cost and boasts a build volume 30X la