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Blockchain • Software • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
49 Employees

Fortress Trust is a tech company on a mission to unlock the benefits of blockchain for every business, industry, and creator. That starts (and scales) with Web3 infrastructure - the underlying technology Fortress has built to help shift from Web2 to Web3, wherever our partners may be on their blockchain, NFT, or crypto journey. Specifically, Fortress is purpose-built to deliver financial, regulatory, and technology infrastructure to the rapidly emerging ePayments and Web3 spaces. The company provides financial services, including compliance, payments, custody, trustee-of-assets, escrow, crypto liquidity, and other services.

Blockchain • Enterprise Web • Software • NFT • Web3
Fully Remote, USA
35 Employees

Pinata is the leading multimedia hub for NFTs and creative content of all kinds. Since 2018, we've been powering the web3 world through our IPFS storage and NFT media management. We are passionate about helping users gain creative freedom. With more and more people realizing the untapped value of the NFT market, Pinata is proud to help support and build a place for all creators and builders.

AdTech • Agency • Marketing Tech • Virtual Reality • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
43 Employees

Subvrsive is an award-winning immersive innovation studio at the intersection of art, emerging technology, and experience design. We are passionate about creating awesome experiences - steeped in strategy - that capture attention and drive results.

Gaming • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
4 Employees

3thix is fixing the problems of web3 games and building on the future of gaming technology.

Blockchain • Edtech • Gaming • Software • Virtual Reality • Web3 • App development
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
999 Employees

Best Web3 Development is a global leader aiming to deliver reliable results for our clients. We have partnered with renowned enterprises that have the potential to handle paramount challenges and grab topmost opportunities. We have successfully built a deep sense of association with the global communities to impact the world significantly.

Information Technology • Mobile • Software • Virtual Reality • Web3 • App development • Metaverse
50 Employees

The Intellify is a Top Rated Software Development Agency specalized in AR/VR, Mobile/Web App and Cloud Development with HeadQuartered in India and offices in USA, Israel and Singapore too. Founded in 2018, with around 50 team members offering Feature-Rich and Business Specific applications that are meticulously thought, designed and developed using the Top Trending Technologies.

Consumer Web • Mobile • Social Impact • Travel • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
20 Employees

Based out of Austin, Texas - flockx is a start-up looking to launch products aimed at building communities through local groups, real world events and common interests in your hometown or while traveling. We are looking to help individuals join local communities at a global scale, explore places that matter to them and, create memories together. Whether it’s finding the best food, activities, and events in a given location or connecting directly with like-minded people, flockx will allow you to share experiences in the community.

Blockchain • Security • Software • Cryptocurrency • Web3
Fully Remote, USA
23 Employees

Unit 410 is an experienced team of security, infrastructure, and cryptocurrency engineers. We empower the largest stakeholders to use their crypto in secure and novel ways. To do so, we build institutional-grade systems and solutions for secure network participation. Before Unit 410, we’ve worked at companies like Coinbase, Google, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We’ve long believed in the potential of cryptocurrency and are excited to continue pushing forward the state of the art through industry-leading key generation, encryption, and network participation. As we engineer systems and solutions, we often find pieces that we think should exist. So we build them, and whenever possible share those back with the community.

Gaming • Machine Learning • Virtual Reality • eSports • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
25 Employees

At GOLF+ we’re obsessed with bringing the joy of golf to as many people as possible. Whether you’ve been playing since you were a kid, like our co-founders, or are just getting started, we’re committed to enhancing your experience through the use of immersive technology, while staying true to the sport. We consider ourselves pioneers in the space and strongly encourage new ideas and experimentation. We’re constantly trying to push the limits and many of our ideas fail, which is totally fine. Moving fast and trying new things is par for the course. If you love tech and golf then this is the perfect place for you!

Cloud • Information Technology • Productivity • Consulting • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
75 Employees

Wursta is a holistic Technology Consultancy supporting SMB & mid-market companies in using technology to compete in a modern world. Offering 24/7 support across Google Workspace, Google Cloud, Custom App Dev, and now web3! Wursta is the go-to partner for growth-minded companies.

Blockchain • Greentech • Social Impact • Software • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
38 Employees

Topl’s built a unique blockchain protocol to power an ecosystem of new markets and supply chain systems. We envision a world where companies and individuals pursue carbon-neutral or socially responsible activities, not merely because it is the right thing to do for the world but because it’s the best path forward for them and their stakeholders.

Cloud • HR Tech • Software • Web3
Fully Remote, USA

TalentGenius is the tokenized talent network connecting top knowledge workers with the world’s best companies.

Events • Music • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
3 Employees

Texas Eclipse is a music, arts and emerging technology festival outside of Austin, Texas celebrating an incredibly rare solar eclipse in April 2024. This four day event brings together two worlds: cutting edge Web3 technology and the wonder of ancient, infinite space. Texas Eclipse is built by Unknown Ventures, an Austin-based venture studio with deep roots building companies at the forefront of technological innovation in the live entertainment industry.

Agency • Fintech • Software • Design • Web3
Fully Remote, USA
38 Employees

Praxent is a fintech design and engineering partner to financial companies determined to lead in digital. With a unique blend of expertise in product management, user experience design, and software development, Praxent has helped more than 400 organizations launch, scale, and modernize products that win in an increasingly digital world. Unlike software development shops, consultants, and systems integrators that offer non-differentiated services and have a limited understanding of the unique needs of fintech companies and FIs, Praxent offers deep financial services expertise, expert UX and human factors experience and the engineering skills to tackle advanced fintech integration, implementation and modernization challenges.