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eCommerce • Legal Tech • Professional Services • Software • Data Privacy
Austin, Texas, USA
800 Employees

Two Barrels is a Professional Services as a Product Company. ( A PSAAP - Duh! ) We run our company via product life cycles. We use tech to make amazing products and invest heavily in humans to help our clients with their business services needs. Two Barrels is family-owned and operated, employs over 650 good humans across the nation, and services over 3 million active businesses nationwide. As we've grown, we've maintained a 95% employee retention rate. We have no debt, no investors, no venture capital, and no private equity. What does it mean to be family-owned and operated? Well, it's not perfect. But growth, profits, KPIs, endless investor meetings, warrants, options pools, vesting, or manipulating employees to be indentured servants in exchange for paper shares that won't make you rich, aren't things we have to deal with here. We try to do good work and see where it goes. That's our actual mission statement. We try to make our customers and our employees happy. We get to focus on that versus making investors happy. We are well aware of competing with startups, and VC and PE-funded, or worse yet, public companies' total compensation packages, so we bring it up. We are different. Our packages include an excellent salary and 401K to buy stock wherever you want. We try to make our overall benefits better each year as we grow. We offer tough challenges—focusing on the journey as the reward, not the finish line. We try to hire people we enjoy being around. We're not a platform or an AI cool guy place. We're not software as a service/whatever is the cool thing that gives investors a reason to ask for a higher multiple on their next round of stock dilution. Whoops, I mean, investment for the future. We make business entity compliance tools. We power over 50,000 Professional Services that do registered agent service, corporate filings, VoIP phones, credit card processing, and various tech products. Here's a few examples of industry leaders riding on our backbone: https://www.northwestregisteredagent.com/service-signup https://www.registeredagentsinc.com/solutions/ We made a CRM system but focused on a whole stack of solutions for our business services customers and now we're pretty busy and could use your help. Thanks for looking!

Fintech • Legal Tech • Payments • Sales • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
520 Employees

Since 2005, AffiniPay has been transforming the lives of professionals everywhere. What started as a single payment product for trade organizations has transformed into four of the highest-rated financial tools serving more than eight professional services industries. And our progress shows no signs of stopping. The secret to our growth and success is our team. We support each and every team member by continuing to invest in their goals, our culture, and a diverse workplace. Because when you’re happy, focused, and fulfilled with your work — it feels like you’re doing what you’re meant to do.

Artificial Intelligence • Legal Tech • Professional Services • Software
Fully Remote, USA
350 Employees

Ontra is the global leader in Contract Automation and Intelligence. The Ontra platform combines the best of artificial intelligence and software with a global network of talented lawyers to offer a complete and scalable solution for recurring legal workflows, such as processing routine contracts and tracking obligations in complex agreements. Ontra delivers purpose-built contract workflow and data management tools to easily manage obligations, answer key questions, and analyze trends and benchmarks. By streamlining repetitive legal processes and transforming contracts into data, Ontra helps customers lower costs, improve quality, reduce turnaround times, and provide actionable insights, ultimately freeing internal resources to focus on impactful and engaging work. Ontra is headquartered in San Francisco, with global operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Learn more at www.ontra.ai.

Legal Tech • Software
374 Employees

Mitratech is a proven global technology partner for corporate legal and compliance teams. We believe our employees’ enthusiasm fuels great work, so we pursue individuals with a passion for building an environment of ownership, transparency, continuous improvement as well as a dedication to driving the best possible experience for our clients.

Legal Tech

BetterLegal is the fastest and most affordable way for Texas business owners to establish their LLC. We file with the State of Texas same day so you'll have your LLC within 2 business days.

HR Tech • Legal Tech • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
26 Employees

Flo Recruit builds virtual and in-person hybrid legal recruiting software that helps law firms, law schools, and students manage interviewing and networking events. Legal recruiting teams at dozens of top universities and law firms use Flo to streamline the management and scheduling of interview programs, gather legal candidate feedback, and host engaging events.

Legal Tech

Electronic exhibit technology from AgileLaw allows litigators to replace binders and binders of printed exhibits using only a laptop and tablets before, during, and after the deposition.

Legal Tech
18 Employees

Oliver transforms legal servicing by enabling parties to collaborate with ease on a beautiful product that drives efficiency, creates transparency, and ensures compliance. We build software to consolidate, orchestrate, and optimize high volume, compliant legal servicing. To learn more about us, and check whether there might be any opportunity for you to join our amazing team, visit https://olivertechnology.com/about-oliver/

Legal Tech

VisaEase provides an online immigration assistance service, specializing in green cards, individual visas and citizenship. Customers can choose from a self-service option or an attorney-reviewed service.

Legal Tech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Real Estate • Energy
Fully Remote, USA
5 Employees

Title research and lease document analysis is a critical requirement for acquiring land rights but remains a painfully slow and outdated manual process. Parse AI provides a cloud-based platform that enables users to expedite title research necessary for completing a wide variety of real property transactions. Customers in the energy and real estate industries gain a comprehensive perspective on leasehold ownership and obligations and can confirm real property ownership at a fraction of the time and cost.

Legal Tech
Austin, Texas, USA

The Austin personal injury lawyers at Lorenz & Lorenz, specialize in addressing a wide spectrum of personal injury cases. Our expertise encompasses handling various incidents such as car accidents, bicycle accidents, boat accidents, defective products, motorcycle accidents, nursing home abuse, pedestrian accidents, slip & fall accidents, truck accidents, Uber accidents, and wrongful death cases. Regardless of the nature of your injury, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support tailored to your specific circumstances. We’ve handled nothing else for the better part of the last two decades. We know how to navigate your claim and get you the money you deserve.

Legal Tech
12 Employees

Techson IP was founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas by attorneys and patent research industry experts to create elite patent research and IP Advisory. Techson proudly serves over one hundred clients, including Fortune 500 corporations and Am Law 100 law firms, with high-end research services including: M&A IP Due Diligence, Freedom-to-Operate...

Legal Tech

The web can be a dangerous place. Distributing your content is easy, but controlling how others use it is not.CopyRightNow is changing all that by giving you the power to protect your work right from inside your favorite apps. The process is fast and easy, integrating seamlessly into your workflow and giving you the protection you need without getting in your way. 

Legal Tech

JustLegal is the online marketplace for attorneys. By empowering clients and attorneys to connect online, we bring both convenience and transparency to the legal industry.

eCommerce • Legal Tech
Austin, Texas, USA
1,100 Employees

We empower entrepreneurs to take that first step—and every step after. We launched LegalZoom to make legal help accessible to all. Over the years, we’ve remained a trusted partner to entrepreneurs, finding more ways to do more for small businesses. We see small business owners for the dreamers, strivers, and achievers they are—and we’re here to support them at every stage with business formation, attorneys, and tax experts. For more information, visit www.legalzoom.com.

Legal Tech
3 Employees

Legal Banzu connects users looking for legal assistance with affordable legal help.

Legal Tech

StartUp is the first mobile incorporation service that enables you to incorporate in all 50 states! We've reimagined what was once a huge hassle in the StartUp process and turned it into a time-saving and affordable do it for you solution

Legal Tech
Fully Remote, USA
35 Employees

Lupl is The Collaboration Platform for Legal™ It is a secure legal collaboration platform that makes it easy for everyone to work together on legal matters within and between organizations. It combines powerful native communication, collaboration, legal project management, knowledge management, and document sharing functionality with the ability to plug and play with your own tools and systems.

Legal Tech
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Baton Rouge Process Servers are court appointed process servers certified to personally deliver legal documents in Louisiana.

Cloud • Information Technology • Legal Tech • Professional Services
100 Employees

Bluesource are experts at eDiscovery, Compliance, Messaging and Archiving. Our 4 core areas are Software development, Cloud infrastructure, Managed support services and Consulting. We punch above our weight in terms of our customers - who are among the biggest brands in the world.