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AdTech • Digital Media • Hardware • Marketing Tech • Retail • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
46 Employees

Grocery TV is an in-store retail media network with 20,000 displays in grocery stores across the U.S. Brands leverage us to reach over 47 million shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores that receive 282 million monthly visits. Retailers partner with Grocery TV to connect their in-store retail media strategy, engage with shoppers, and generate incremental revenue.

Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
65 Employees

Apptronik is building robots for the real world to improve human quality of life and to help solve the ever-increasing labor shortage problem. Our team has been building some of the most advanced robots on the planet for years, dating back to the DARPA Robotics Challenge. We apply our expertise across the full robotics stack to some of the most important and impactful problems our society faces, and expect our products and technology to change the world for the better. We value passion, creativity, and collaboration to help us overcome existing technological barriers in the industry to create truly innovative products. You will join a team developing a state-of-the-art general-purpose robot designed to operate in human spaces and with human tools. It is designed to work alongside humans, to walk like humans do, and to dexterously manipulate objects with its hands and upper body.

Hardware • Software

Hangar is a software technology company focused on harnessing the opportunity presented by the mass-adoption of drone hardware and the market demand for the data these drones can provide. Hangar integrates cutting-edge technology with existing drones to provide solutions across industries.

Cloud • Hardware

Pivot3 was founded in pursuit of a vision – to radically simplify the data center by unifying storage, compute and network resources into a powerful, easy to deploy solution that would reduce cost, risk and complexity. Pivot3’s smart technologies have helped thousands of global enterprises achieve their IT operational and overall business goals.

Hardware • Software
17 Employees

Simple Booth is the leader in digital photo experiences. Our unique iPad-based photo booth solutions are used by people, brands, businesses, and retailers. We aim to be the world’s platform for capturing moments, sharing experiences and reliving memories that matter.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Hardware • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
900 Employees

Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas at Austin (ARL:UT) advances the mission of our parent university of education, research, and public service. Through fundamental research, innovative science, and applied engineering, ARL:UT makes significant contributions in support of national security. We are proud that many of our contributions have a direct and positive impact for those who protect us through their military service. An integral part of a top-tier research university, ARL:UT builds upon a 75-year history of world-class research and expertise for the Department of Defense and other sponsors supporting their critical and ongoing quest to maintain the technological advantage that is critical to our nation. We maintain a top-quality research staff with deep technical expertise that provides multi-disciplinary research and unbiased guidance to the government and tackles complex and challenging problems. Our strong commitment to student employment and programs provides support to the next generation of scientists and engineers and helps to shape the future of defense research. We value diversity in our staff, in our multi-disciplinary research, and in our approach to innovation. We are committed to having an atmosphere where everyone we employ or with whom we interact is respected.

Consumer Web • Greentech • Hardware • Mobile • Software • Transportation
Austin, Texas, USA
720 Employees

Launched in 2011, Flash is the largest cloud-native parking technology platform and provides industry-leading digital and physical infrastructure. We are leading the transformation to connected mobility through the modernization of parking assets while building a cleaner, safer, more efficient ecosystem. Flash enables real estate owners, parking operators, and cities to tackle complex mobility issues such as congestion, lack of visibility into parking supply and demand, and fragmented consumer experiences. With Flash as your partner by your side, the only question left is “Where next?”

Hardware • Software

We are guided by our mission to help customers use technology to turn ideas into value, and empower them to transform industries, markets and lives. We simplify Hybrid IT, power the Intelligent Edge and provide the expertise to make it all happen.

Hardware • Software
6 Employees

Patchr empowers makers, doers, and innovators with software to design printed circuit boards in minutes through an easy-to-use circuit design tool.

Aerospace • Hardware • Software
85 Employees

Umbra builds next-generation space systems that observe the Earth in unprecedented fidelity. Our mission: Deliver global omniscience. To stay ahead of climate change, geopolitical risk, and other major crises and issues, we need a global understanding of what is changing, where, and how fast. Umbra provides easy access to the highest quality commercial satellite data available, which is an indispensable tool for the growing number of organizations monitoring the Earth. We empower our customers to create the solutions that inform, inspire, and address our planet’s most pressing needs. We’re helping to create a brand new industry that has never meaningfully existed before.

3D Printing • Aerospace • Hardware • Wearables • Energy
Cedar Park, Texas, USA
5 Employees

The idea of my technology is behind the platform of Quantum mechanics and liquid tech technology and liquid armor is the base to build on and expand with other emerging technologies and market technology and combining them with caution and expansion . By creating quantum levitation it also allows a magnetic wave field present in the design.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Sales
Austin, Texas, USA
90 Employees

Humanity has lost touch with nature - we’ve traded dirt and trees for asphalt, and we rely on loud, polluting, gas-powered machines to care for our limited natural spaces. At Scythe, we’re reinventing how we care for the outdoor world by building intelligent, all-electric machines that unlock a new superpower: the ability to care for the outdoors pollution-free at enormous scale. From today’s first steps in landscape maintenance to full-fledged re-terraforming in the future, Scythe is pioneering autonomous machinery that supports the ingenuity of humans, multiplying our power to nurture our planet.

3D Printing • Hardware
Austin, Texas, USA
4 Employees

Creative 3D Technologies designs & produces advanced manufacturing solutions in-house. Our aim is to empower people's ability to create, without constraints, supply chain, or worry if their more advanced solution is manufacturable. Creative 3D Technologies is making all-in-one solution tools that encompass and outperform entire suites of 3D printers and production tools, all-in-one, for a fraction of the cost. We believe you shouldn't need an entire suite of 3D printers to make a basic variety of parts, nor an entire factory to produce a product. The company entered the market with Duo, an all-in-one solution for 3D printing parts. Duo encompasses the typically separated function of an entire suite of 10+ separate 3D printers, all-in-one, for a fraction of the cost. Duo isn't a master of none, as it's more affordable than any of the 10 it encompasses, while individually outperforming them in each specialty. It enables the creation of previously impossible parts and affordable iteration. We're moving into manufacturing end-to-end products with Dyad Shift. Dyad will encompass the function of an entire factory/assembly line, by being a decentralized method of making an end-to-end finished product. Instead of needing labor, millions of dollars in machinery, and an entire factory of operations to make a simple device, Dyad can do it all-in-one, in more advanced geometries, for a fraction of the cost, and do so faster. It's a proper way to decentralize production.

3D Printing • Hardware • Logistics • Wearables
20 Employees

At Axiom Products, we provide reliable solutions for those industries that require accuracy while pouring chemicals and other safety products such as goggles, gloves etc.

Artificial Intelligence • Hardware • Machine Learning • Software • Semiconductor
Austin, Texas, USA
135 Employees

Mythic is a startup developing a breakthrough platform for deploying artificial intelligence in any device. Our hardware and software – based on fundamental breakthroughs in analog computing -- will be the driver of the major technological trends over the next 20 years, including autonomous systems, robotics, AR/VR, drone delivery, and many more.

Aerospace • Hardware • Software • Manufacturing
Austin, Texas, USA
200 Employees

We build high-throughput, plug-and-play phased array communication payloads for space and airborne platforms. Cesium’s full-stack, multi-mission hardware and software products enable a diverse range of commercial and defense objectives. Full-system engineering design is at the heart of every Cesium product. We deliver high-performance solutions under rapid development timelines.

Hardware • Sports

GoFish Cam is a patent pending wireless, underwater action-adventure camera that sits on your fishing line and captures the real action of the sport.

Hardware • Internet of Things • Energy
2 Employees

We design and manufacture LED lighting for new construction of Residential, Apartment, Condo, Hotels, our solution uses all low voltage ( 50 volt ) DC wiring - for lower labor cost for the installation, lower energy consumption, less EMF and longer lifetimes than the existing retrofit method. No more Romex, no more Cans. Native Alexa Integration

3 Employees

<p>ProtoExchange is a hardware marketplace - we match engineers to hardware companies who need on-demand assistance.</p><p>Think of us as the sidekick to your Hardware superhero, providing the necessary support to make the world a better place!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>


GenXComm's robust Simultaneous Self Interference Cancellation (S-SIX) Technology enables maximal use of available spectrum just as carriers are planning their 5G cellular network deployments to cope with a flood of new wireless devices and rapidly increasing data demands on their networks. Today, communications between wireless transceivers use mul