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Blockchain • Software • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
49 Employees

Fortress Trust is a tech company on a mission to unlock the benefits of blockchain for every business, industry, and creator. That starts (and scales) with Web3 infrastructure - the underlying technology Fortress has built to help shift from Web2 to Web3, wherever our partners may be on their blockchain, NFT, or crypto journey. Specifically, Fortress is purpose-built to deliver financial, regulatory, and technology infrastructure to the rapidly emerging ePayments and Web3 spaces. The company provides financial services, including compliance, payments, custody, trustee-of-assets, escrow, crypto liquidity, and other services.

Blockchain • Enterprise Web • Software • NFT • Web3
Fully Remote, USA
35 Employees

Pinata is the leading multimedia hub for NFTs and creative content of all kinds. Since 2018, we've been powering the web3 world through our IPFS storage and NFT media management. We are passionate about helping users gain creative freedom. With more and more people realizing the untapped value of the NFT market, Pinata is proud to help support and build a place for all creators and builders.

Digital Media • eCommerce • News + Entertainment • NFT
Austin, Texas, USA
60 Employees

Chive Media Group is a multi-platform digital media and eCommerce company. The company’s flagship brand, theCHIVE, is home to the world’s funniest photo galleries and viral videos, reaching more than 20 million people each month and amassing over 5 billion content views annually. theCHIVE has built an incredible online/offline community through its focus on being a positive escape on the internet. The company’s eCommerce site, The Chivery, is a content-driven commerce site that has sold over 5 million t-shirts and apparel items since its launch in 2011. The company’s 501(c)3 Chive Charities has raised over $19M through flash-donation campaigns for orphaned causes. Most recently, theCHIVE teamed up with Project Venkman to revolutionize the world of NFTs and introduce solutions to the blockchain and how it interacts with eCommerce and community engagement. theCHIVE's first NFT project, the Bill Murray 1000, quickly topped the charts at Coinbase and became the "blueprint for all future celebrity NFTs" according to Forbes. We are here to entertain the masses and help people.

Events • Music • Cryptocurrency • NFT • Web3
Austin, Texas, USA
3 Employees

Texas Eclipse is a music, arts and emerging technology festival outside of Austin, Texas celebrating an incredibly rare solar eclipse in April 2024. This four day event brings together two worlds: cutting edge Web3 technology and the wonder of ancient, infinite space. Texas Eclipse is built by Unknown Ventures, an Austin-based venture studio with deep roots building companies at the forefront of technological innovation in the live entertainment industry.

NFT • App development • Metaverse • Big Data Analytics
700 Employees

SemiDot is one of the top-rated IT companies in custom Mobile & Web Application development. We strongly believe in the client's first approach and we prioritize to guide our clients to develop their application in the latest technology, and in the least possible time. Our ideology is to excel in what we provide as custom services, tailored specifically for each of our client’s needs. What make SemiDot infotech different isn’t the 300+ successful applications that we delivered since our inception, it’s how happy each of our clients was, with what we delivered. With our strong roots in the latest technologies like the Blockchain, AR, and Chatbots, we excel in developing applications for all kinds of startups. But what we truly take pride in, is making efficient and scalable custom Mobile applications, using latest Mobile frameworks for a seamless experience. We have created websites and mobile apps that are currently serving as market leaders in their niche, they monthly serve over 10+ million cumilative users.