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Top Austin, TX Robotics Companies (24)

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Automotive • Big Data • Information Technology • Robotics • Software • Transportation
Austin, Texas, USA
130,000 Employees

GM is focused on advancing an all-electric future that is inclusive and accessible to all. At the heart of this strategy is the Ultium battery platform, which will power everything from mass-market to high-performance vehicles. We embrace the responsibility to lead the change that will make our world better, safer and more equitable for all.

Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
65 Employees

Apptronik is building robots for the real world to improve human quality of life and to help solve the ever-increasing labor shortage problem. Our team has been building some of the most advanced robots on the planet for years, dating back to the DARPA Robotics Challenge. We apply our expertise across the full robotics stack to some of the most important and impactful problems our society faces, and expect our products and technology to change the world for the better. We value passion, creativity, and collaboration to help us overcome existing technological barriers in the industry to create truly innovative products. You will join a team developing a state-of-the-art general-purpose robot designed to operate in human spaces and with human tools. It is designed to work alongside humans, to walk like humans do, and to dexterously manipulate objects with its hands and upper body.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Internet of Things • Robotics
20 Employees

Applied Aeronautics designs and builds affordable, long-range drones for government, emergency response and commercial customers around the globe. Our tailored drones can be found in over 55 countries and on every continent with everyone from the US Government and NASA to Boeing.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software

Nividous is a global software company that specializes in delivering digital process automation solutions. Nividous' flagship product - Nividous Software Solutions is built on a strong foundation of user experience, agility, security, scalability, and innovations that provide rapid ROI and lowest TCO. For more info kindly mail us at [email protected]

Robotics • Software
100 Employees

AirMap is the leading global provider of UAS Traffic Management technologies to the drone industry. Millions of drones, hundreds of industry developers, and hundreds of airspace managers and stakeholders rely on AirMap’s airspace intelligence and services to fly safely and communicate with others in low- altitude airspace.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Sales
Austin, Texas, USA
90 Employees

Humanity has lost touch with nature - we’ve traded dirt and trees for asphalt, and we rely on loud, polluting, gas-powered machines to care for our limited natural spaces. At Scythe, we’re reinventing how we care for the outdoor world by building intelligent, all-electric machines that unlock a new superpower: the ability to care for the outdoors pollution-free at enormous scale. From today’s first steps in landscape maintenance to full-fledged re-terraforming in the future, Scythe is pioneering autonomous machinery that supports the ingenuity of humans, multiplying our power to nurture our planet.

Austin, Texas, USA

Fox Robotics is mid-stage startup working on warehouse automation. Our founding team has world-class experience in robotics, cloud services, computer vision and machine learning from Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, Bosch, YouTube, Google Robotics and KUKA. We’ve worked on warehouse automation, self-driving cars, the PR2, self-driving lawn mowers, industrial robots, cloud robotics and more.

Internet of Things • Mobile • Robotics • Software
80 Employees

Meshify™ has developed software and communication hardware to operate in the growing market of the Internet of Things (IoT and Fintech). We opperate at the crossroads of Technology and Insurance by leveraging new wireless and sensing capabilities to improve outcomes for property and equipment owners and their insurance partners. 

Computer Vision • Robotics • Software • Analytics
Austin, Texas, USA
176 Employees

Gecko Robotics (Gecko) is focused on protecting and maintaining civilizations' most critical infrastructure, with machines and platforms. Traditional manual maintenance is dangerous, slow and reactive. Gecko’s solutions improve safety and speed (10x) while gathering more data (1000x) to predict infrastructure failures before they happen.

Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Internet of Things • Robotics
85 Employees

BP3 gives people faster ways to get things done. We streamline and automate the processes that drive everything from customer experience to employee productivity. It’s no secret that companies are riddled with all kinds of broken processes, but the real shocker is that many of the so-called solutions are just as broken as the process they’re trying to fix. To create more successful, lasting efficiencies, BP3 brings more focus, more foresight, and more follow-up to every project. It’s how we’ve achieved an unprecedented 99.9% success rate, and why some of the world’s most respected brands -- such as eBay, Charter, Whole Foods, and others -- rely on BP3.

Information Technology • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software
3,000 Employees

UiPath is the fastest-growing enterprise software company. We grew to over 2900 employees today, across more than 50 offices in 20 countries... In just a few years. Mission: We envision a world with a robot for every person. Delivering the leading #RPA platform to accelerate human achievement.

45 Employees

One Platform. Any Brand. READY's Forge/OS 5 is a single, intuitive platform for controlling and programming robots from all the top brands. Built on years of success in real production environments, this is the most advanced Forge/OS ever. Forge/OS 5 supports industrial and collaborative robots from many of the top OEMs including Yaskawa, FANUC, ABB, Staubli, Epson, and UR. And, this is just the start. Forge/OS 5 will soon support robots from ALL of the top OEMs. READY has partnered with an extensive list of hardware OEMs, software developers, and machine builders, to create device plugins, applications, and solutions that run seamlessly on Forge/OS. From gripper and work holding plugins, to vision and safety, to offline robot programming, Forge-certified devices and apps are guaranteed to work - greatly reducing the overhead of adding hardware to your work cell.

Edtech • Internet of Things • Robotics • Software
10 Employees

Code Galaxy is the nation's fastest growing kids coding after school learning program. In our center, kids ages 5-14 learn to code in a fun, engaging way - by playing and building the games and applications they love. With our model, kids have blast and can't wait to come back, and parents are thrilled as their children gain confidence.

3D Printing • Hardware • Real Estate • Robotics • Software
Austin, Texas, USA

ICON’s 3D-printed, high-performance homes feature elevated architectural and energy-efficient designs that highlight the benefits of resiliency and sustainability with the digital possibilities of additive construction. Delivered at speed and at scale using a fleet of ICON’s Vulcan robotic construction systems, software and advanced materials, each home’s full wall system including interior and exterior walls are produced with less waste and with more design freedom.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Robotics • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
600 Employees

Cognite is a global industrial Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) leader, with an eye on the future and a drive to digitalize the industrial world. We’ve created a new class of industrial software which allows asset-intensive industries to operate more sustainably, securely, and efficiently. Our core software product is Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), designed to quickly contextualize OT/IT data to develop and scale company solutions. We use technology like hybrid AI, big data, machine learning, and 3D modelling to get there. We serve oil and gas, power and utilities, renewable energy, manufacturing, and other heavy-asset industries. Our technology helps them operate through transitions, sustainably and to scale, and without sacrificing bottom lines. We believe data must be made accessible, insightful, and open. In other words, we help our customers make data do more. And with that pave way for a full-scale digital transformation of heavy industry. Founded in 2016, we now number 700 strong, including some of the best software developers, data scientists, designers, and 3D specialists in the field. Hailing from 50 nationalities, we’re talented, curious, and fun to be around. Get to know us better: Life at Cognite: linkedin.com/company/cognitedata/life/ Make data do more: makedatadomore.cognite.com/ Twitter: @CogniteData Facebook: @CogniteData IG: @CogniteData Youtube: /c/cognite

Healthtech • Robotics

LinkDyn Robotics is a startup company founded on May 2016 with a mission to enhance quality of life and productivity using physically interactive robotic technology, targeting commercialization of rehabilitation robots and more.

Aerospace • Robotics
Austin, Texas, USA
19 Employees

Wilder Systems is an industrial services company that delivers Robots as a Service for aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. We are focused on dual-use aerospace applications for both commercial and military which includes robotic drilling into aircraft, defastening, sealing, non-destructive inspections, and even a robotic aircraft wash system. Our mission is to lead the way towards a 'lights-out' future where the majority of aerospace manufacturing tasks are performed by modular, autonomous robots.

Artificial Intelligence • Automotive • Robotics • Software • Transportation
Austin, Texas, USA
500 Employees

Torc Robotics is an independent subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG, a global leader and pioneer in trucking. Founded in 2005 at the birth of the self-driving vehicle revolution, we have 17 years of experience in pioneering safety-critical, self-driving applications. Torc offers a complete self-driving vehicle software and integration solution and is currently focusing on commercializing self-driving trucks.

Artificial Intelligence • Robotics • Biotech
Austin, Texas, USA
13 Employees

Phantom is creating a human-machine interfacing system for lifelike control of technology.

Artificial Intelligence • Healthtech • Robotics
Austin, Texas, USA
55 Employees

Diligent is an A.I. company with a vision to transform the future of work. We create robot assistants that free people up to focus on the creative and problem-solving aspects of their jobs. Moxi is our hospital service robot that helps nurses and other clinical staff with logistical, non-patient-facing tasks so they have more time for patient care.