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eCommerce • Food • Logistics • Retail • Sales
Austin, Texas, USA
350 Employees

Why we do what we do? Because everyone deserves great pizza, that’s why. It’s a simple idea, but a noble cause that’s behind everything we do at Ooni. We’re working our wee socks off and won’t rest until there’s an Ooni pizza oven in the backyard of every person everywhere. What we do: We design, make and sell AMAZING pizza ovens. They’re so AMAZING that lower-case adjectives just don’t do them justice. Right now, we sell our pizza ovens all over the world. Hot and fast is how you cook truly great pizza, and- all of our models get hot as hell (that’s 932°F/500°C last time we checked) and cook incredible pizza in only 60 seconds. Before Ooni, if you wanted pizza that good, you had to go to a restaurant or spend thousands on a traditional pizza oven. Not anymore, friends. Work with us: We have a 300-plus-strong multi-national team who are busy designing, selling, branding, internet-ing, events-ing, supporting, marketing, welding, shipping, financing, photographing and dancing (probably) to make magic happen. Ooni is a beautiful machine that grows and learns every day, and it’s really freaking amazing to be a part of it all.

Enterprise Web • Logistics • Retail • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
30 Employees

Worksmith is a software-enabled marketplace connecting commercial tenants and property owners/managers with qualified local service providers for repairs, maintenance, and cleaning. We currently serve over 5,000 locations for leading brands like Burberry, Nespresso, Outdoor Voices, Recept Pharmacy, Exer Urgent Care, Bond Vet, Joe & The Juice and Pizza Port.

Artificial Intelligence • Fintech • Machine Learning • Mobile • Payments • Retail • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
300 Employees

Upside is a technology company that increases the financial power of people and businesses in the real world. Our technology has helped millions of people get more purchasing power on the things they need, and tens of thousands of brick-and-mortar businesses earn measurable profit. Billions of dollars in commerce run through the Upside platform every year, and that value goes directly back to our retailers, the consumers they serve, and towards important sustainability initiatives.

eCommerce • Healthtech • Kids + Family • Retail • Social Media
Austin, Texas, USA
200 Employees

Babylist is the leading digital destination for growing families. For over a decade, Babylist has been the technology solution for expecting parents and the community that supports them, expanding from baby registry into a full-service platform that helps parents make decisions with confidence, stay connected, and build happy and healthy families. Every year Babylist helps over 9M people make purchases through its registry, app, ecommerce shop, and comprehensive product guides. The Babylist ecosystem now includes Babylist Health, which provides access to products and services including insurance-covered breast pumps, Expectful, a new voice in health and wellness for pre-pregnancy through postpartum care, and The Push, a branded content studio that works with the biggest companies in the baby space. With over 59M monthly page views and 1.2M TikTok followers, Babylist is a generational brand leading the $88 billion baby product industry.

AdTech • Digital Media • Hardware • Marketing Tech • Retail • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
46 Employees

Grocery TV is an in-store retail media network with 20,000 displays in grocery stores across the U.S. Brands leverage us to reach over 47 million shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores that receive 282 million monthly visits. Retailers partner with Grocery TV to connect their in-store retail media strategy, engage with shoppers, and generate incremental revenue.

Food • Retail
Austin, Texas, USA
95,000 Employees

Our mission is to nourish people and the planet. That means improving how people eat, alleviating poverty in 3rd world countries, growing the next generation of entrepreneurs, and so much more. We're not just a grocery store, and your work here won't be normal. A career here means your work makes a difference. And with your help, we'll revolutionize the grocery landscape (again).

Beauty • Consumer Web • eCommerce • Retail

BURST Oral Care is the world's finest subscription oral care brought to you by your most trusted dental professionals. We have a community of 10,000 ambassadors who promote our products!


FireFold started with a team of husband and wife and has evolved into a leader in the technology industry. We have a team of 30 including technology experts, installers and technicians. Contact: (704) 979-7100

Austin, Texas, USA
220 Employees

Restore Hyper Wellness is the award-winning creator of an innovative new category of care—Hyper Wellness®. Restore delivers expert guidance and an extensive array of cutting-edge health modalities, such as IV drips and cryotherapy, integrated under one roof. These modalities help you feel your best, so you can do more of what you love. With 185+ locations across 41+ states and a fast-growing national retail footprint, Restore makes proactive health more accessible than ever. Restore was ranked in the Inc. 5000 as #411 Fastest Growing Company in America, #23 Fastest Growing Company in Texas, and #1 Hottest Franchise in America.

eCommerce • Fashion • Retail

Swayy is an online fashion marketplace for women.

Professional Services • Real Estate • Retail • Sales
10 Employees

Elite Austin is a fast paced design company who specializes in furniture, staging, and design. Elite Austin specializes in “All Things Furniture.” Our talented team’s mission is to deliver the Elite Difference with a unique focus on quality furniture that meets our client’s budgetary needs without compromising style and function.

eCommerce • Information Technology • Retail • Software • Business Intelligence
Austin, Texas, USA
40 Employees

BlackLocus is an innovation lab operating within The Home Depot, the top home improvement retailer in the world. To stay ahead of the curve, Home Depot is making a substantial investment in data science, innovation, technology, and design, with BlackLocus being on the cutting edge of the most exciting developments.

eCommerce • Retail

Amazon strives to be Earth's most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online. By giving customers more of what they want - low prices, vast selection, and convenience - Amazon continues to grow and evolve as a world-class e-commerce platform.

eCommerce • Retail
10 Employees

Do not wait to grab more and more just live the present and save the money for the future. Saving in small amounts would surely give you happiness and would even make you proud of it. We are doing that for you at Coupofy.

Consumer Web • Retail • Social Impact • Energy
1,000 Employees

We're on a mission to help our members lower their energy bills and cut carbon emissions. Today, we provide over 1.7 million homes with affordable, renewable energy, and we're just getting started. We’ve been the UK’s fastest-growing company twice in a row. Last year we expanded to the U.S. and are looking for the starting team in Texas who will make the energy industry simpler, cheaper, and greener.

Mobile • Retail
10 Employees

Where companies have spent the last two decades building retail sites and apps with self-service tools, we’re bypassing the archaic and traditional web-based experience. With irons in the fire of both B2C and B2B business models, we’re quickly testing and iterating toward a message-based shopping solution that makes shopping as simple a text.

eCommerce • Professional Services • Retail • Sales
26 Employees

Hardwood Bargains is one of the fastest growing flooring companies in the US, specializing in truly factory direct prices to the end user. Hardwood Bargains prides itself in providing the best products, pricing, and service in the industry.

eCommerce • Retail
Austin, Texas, USA
150 Employees

Founded in 2011 by two ski buddies in their SF apartments, Huckberry is a 21st century men's retailer. Our mission is to inspire and equip adventures near and far, and our vision is to be the most loved lifestyle brand for active and adventurous guys. There were already men’s stores, sure. Adventure magazines, too. Yet nothing out there spoke directly to Andy and Rich, our co-founders — guys who lived in the city but lived for adventure — and they envisioned a retail experience that was equal parts store, magazine, and inspiration. So they quit their jobs, invested their life savings, and set out to scratch their own itch. Ten years later, Huckberry is still independent and fueled by the same founding four core beliefs: Discovery and adventure are core to the human spirit The future is being written by Davids, not Goliaths You don’t buy products, you buy what you believe in We have an obligation to leave the world better than we found it That’s why Huckberry is a shot to the arm of actionable inspiration, why we highlight more emerging brands than established ones, why we use our platform to support causes we believe in, and why at least one of our employees is probably traveling around the world on a sabbatical right now. Here’s to hoping Huckberry will inspire a new adventure of your own. SEE YOU OUT THERE.

eCommerce • Information Technology • Mobile • Retail • Software
Fully Remote, USA
50 Employees

Digitalisation does not stop for anyone. Retailers are facing major challenges and tasks, while the demands of their own clientele are changing. More and more people today demand omnichannel solutions as a matter of course, such as merchandise availability from local branches online, a reservation of local items directly at the swipe of a finger or shipping and return options that not only protect the wallet but also the environment. Shopgate GmbH supports brick and mortar stores in Germany, Europe and the USA in the implementation and introduction of all these offers. The heart of the offer is a versatile omnichannel suite, which can be used flexibly as software as a service and middleware. This enables retailers to become omnichannel retailers in a short time without having to replace existing systems and structures.

Beauty • eCommerce • Retail

<p><span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 17px;">Beardbrand is a men's grooming company on a mission to make men look and feel awesome.