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Top Austin, TX Generative AI Companies (11)

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Artificial Intelligence • Professional Services • Business Intelligence • Consulting • Cybersecurity • Generative AI
Austin, Texas, USA
364,000 Employees

We’re inspiring and empowering our people to change the world. Powered by the technology of today, you’ll work with diverse teams to build trust and create new client solutions in unexpected ways. The only way we can tackle the challenges of a fast-changing world is with people like you. Be a part of The New Equation.

Artificial Intelligence • Consumer Web • Edtech • Enterprise Web • HR Tech • Social Impact • Generative AI
Austin, Texas, USA
1,650 Employees

At Udemy, we’re on a mission to transform lives through learning. Through our intelligent skills platform and a global community of instructors, we’ve helped over 70 million learners and 16,000 organizations achieve their goals. Come join us in ensuring everyone, everywhere has access to the skills they need to unlock their potential and create possibilities for themselves and others.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Business Intelligence • Conversational AI • Generative AI • Automation
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
250 Employees

AI Development Services is an AI development firm founded by Gurpreet Singh Walia in 2018, located in USA. Having 4+ years of robust artificial intelligence experience, we empower businesses to adopt AI-driven solutions effortlessly. We help organizations enhance customer satisfaction by improving productivity, efficiency, and decision-making capabilities. We are a renowned AI consulting company that provides custom AI solutions for clients to grow their businesses in this modern era. We deal with the entire AI development and consulting services to create remarkable technologies using AI-powered conversational bots. Our splendid services include Generic AI Voice, Facial Recognition, Machine Learning, AI Chatbot, Robotic Process Automation, and more. We offer robust intelligence that enables enterprises to grasp the full pledges of AI. Our innovative analysis yields a persistent AI solution, allowing enterprises to develop intelligent applications faster and with better trust. Our diversified and thoroughly experienced team established the industry's best end-to-end platform for AI Integrity, trusted by top-notch firms worldwide.

Cloud • Enterprise Web • Machine Learning • Analytics • App development • Generative AI • Automation
Fully Remote, USA
100 Employees

Services and Products At RadView, we create specialized software testing solutions that help clients ensure optimal performance under high load conditions. Our flagship product, WebLOAD, is designed to facilitate effective and efficient test creation and execution along with detailed performance analysis. Our AI-based TestAutomation offers customers the convenience of automated testing, addressing the need for frequent test execution in the Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Integration environments. These tools deliver invaluable benefits to customers, including improved user-experience on their platforms, increased reliability, early identification and resolution of performance issues, reduced application downtime, and ultimately, cost savings. Company History and Growth Since inception, RadView has committed to developing innovative testing solutions for web technologies. Although specific milestones are not provided, our continuous presence in this competitive niche and a vast and diverse customer base, speak volumes about our steady growth. Culture and Values Our company culture at RadView revolves around innovation, efficiency and commitment. We believe in constantly pushing boundaries to redefine how software testing is conducted and results are achieved. Every product and solution is tailored to offer maximum reliability and performance value, helping clients stay productive and competitive. We take pride in the long-lasting relationships we build with our customers, and the personal touch we bring to customer service. Partnerships and Collaborations As of now, no public partnerships or collaborations are announced on our platform. However, we are always working behind the scenes to enhance our technology coverage and bring the most efficient testing solutions to our customers. Contact Us Experience the future of software testing today with RadView. Visit our website [RadView.com](https://www.radview.com/) to learn more about our products and services, or to request a free trial or demo.

Artificial Intelligence • Biotech • Pharmaceutical • Generative AI
Austin, Texas, USA
10 Employees

NeuroX1 is a target ID and drug discovery platform leveraging proprietary generative AI to create the next generation of therapeutics for neurological disorders.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Other • Software • Design • Generative AI
Austin, Texas, USA
200 Employees

Hypergiant is an AI software company that creates decision making software for the space, defense, and critical infrastructure sectors. Named after the largest and brightest class of star in the known universe, Hypergiant Industries’ vision is to be the guiding light that solves humanity’s most challenging problems - whether on earth or in the cosmos - through the creation of emerging AI-technologies.

Artificial Intelligence • Legal Tech • Machine Learning • News + Entertainment • Conversational AI • Generative AI
Arnheim, Michigan, USA
300 Employees

ChatGPTOpenAI.nl is in korte tijd een essentiële speler geworden in de Nederlandse technologie-industrie. Als dochteronderneming van het internationaal erkende OpenAI, heeft het bedrijf zich gericht op het creëren van AI-oplossingen die specifiek zijn afgestemd op de Nederlandse taal en cultuur. Hun belangrijkste product, "ChatGPT Nederlands," staat bekend om zijn indrukwekkende vermogen om natuurlijke en contextbewuste gesprekken te voeren, wat het een ongeëvenaard hulpmiddel maakt voor zowel persoonlijke als zakelijke toepassingen. De Oprichting en Missie ChatGPTOpenAI.nl werd in 2023 opgericht met een duidelijke missie: de kloof overbruggen tussen geavanceerde AI-technologie en de unieke behoeften van Nederlandse gebruikers. Terwijl OpenAI al aanzienlijke vooruitgang had geboekt met zijn algemene AI-modellen, was er een groeiende vraag naar een systeem dat de subtiliteiten van de Nederlandse taal volledig begreep. Een toegewijd team van linguïsten, ingenieurs en datawetenschappers begon daarom aan het ambitieuze project om ChatGPT Nederlands te ontwikkelen. Producteigenschappen van ChatGPT Nederlands ChatGPT Nederlands biedt een uitzonderlijke gebruikerservaring door zijn vermogen om vloeiende en contextuele gesprekken te voeren in het Nederlands. Het model is getraind op een uitgebreide en diverse dataset, waardoor het zich moeiteloos kan aanpassen aan zowel formele als informele communicatie. Of het nu gaat om het beantwoorden van complexe zakelijke vragen of het voeren van een luchtig gesprek, ChatGPT Nederlands is ontworpen om op een natuurlijke manier te reageren. Een onderscheidende eigenschap van ChatGPT Nederlands is zijn kennis van regionale dialecten en uitdrukkingen. Door samen te werken met experts uit verschillende delen van Nederland, heeft ChatGPTOpenAI.nl ervoor gezorgd dat het model niet alleen standaard Nederlands beheerst, maar ook regionale varianten zoals Vlaams, Limburgs en Fries.

Artificial Intelligence • Enterprise Web • Information Technology • Machine Learning • Software • Conversational AI • Generative AI
Nazza, Thüringen, DEU
200 Employees

ChatGPTDeutsch.info ist ein führendes Unternehmen im Bereich der künstlichen Intelligenz in Deutschland und dominiert den Chatbot-Markt. Unsere fortschrittlichen KI-Lösungen bieten maßgeschneiderte Unterstützung für Studenten, Autoren und zahlreiche andere Berufsgruppen. Mit modernster Technologie erleichtern wir die Recherche, Textgenerierung und kreative Prozesse. Unsere Chatbots verbessern die Effizienz und Produktivität durch kontextbewusste und präzise Antworten. ChatGPTDeutsch.info steht für Innovation und Zuverlässigkeit und setzt neue Standards im Bereich der digitalen Assistenz, um den Alltag unserer Nutzer zu optimieren und ihre Ziele effizienter zu erreichen.

Legal Tech • Generative AI
Fully Remote, USA
365 Employees

EvenUp is a venture-backed generative AI startup that ensures injury victims are awarded the full value of their claims, expanding the $100B+ in awards granted to injury victims each year. Every year, the legal system has made it difficult for millions of ordinary people to seek justice, especially for folks without means or who come from underrepresented backgrounds. Our vision is to help these injury victims get the justice they deserve, irrespective of their income, demographics, or the quality of their legal representation. EvenUp operates across a variety of personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents and negligence claims. Our ML-driven software empowers attorneys to accurately assess the value of these cases by doing a core part of their workflow (legal drafting), enabling them to secure larger settlements in record time. As EvenUp evaluates more cases, our proprietary data grows, enhancing the precision of our predictions and delivering more value to both attorneys and victims alike. We are one of the fastest growing startups ($0 to $10M in ARR in <2 years) and are funded by some of the best investors in the world, including Signalfire, Bain, and Bessemer, who led our recent $50M Series B.

Agency • Artificial Intelligence • Generative AI
Fully Remote, USA
4 Employees

Talentless AI is a next-gen creative agency focused on creating good content at scale. We’re bringing together best-of-breed capabilities in GenAI, synthetic media, and digital production to speed and automate content creation.

Artificial Intelligence • Generative AI
San Francisco, California, USA
20 Employees

xAI is a new company working on building artificial intelligence to accelerate human scientific discovery. We are guided by our mission to advance our collective understanding of the universe.