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Healthtech • Biotech • Pharmaceutical
Austin, Texas, USA
142 Employees

Formation Bio is a tech-driven pharma company differentiated by radically more efficient drug development. Formation Bio has built a technology platform that optimizes all aspects of drug development, enabling more efficient trial design, faster trial completion, and higher quality trial data capture. Formation Bio acquires clinical-stage drugs from pharma and biotech and develops them faster and more efficiently, unlocking greater value per program and accelerating access to new treatments for patients. Join our culture of innovation where your work directly contributes to transforming patient care in areas such as rheumatology, dermatology, CNS, and cardiometabolic diseases. Our dynamic environment blends advanced technology with strategic drug development, speeding up the delivery of new treatments. Here, every role plays a part in our mission to bring new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently.

Software • Pharmaceutical
76 Employees

<p>AlterPoint provides network governance software. It offers NetworkAuthority CMDB that stores inventory of various network assets, configurations, and changes in a vendor-independent database; NetworkAuthority Analytics that includes portals for network security, compliance, and asset lifecycle management; and NetworkAuthority Vulnerability Defense and Compliance Service that offers vulnerability assessment and recommended remediation. The company also provides support, consulting, and education services. It serves banking/finance, education, government, healthcare/pharmaceutical, hospitality/entertainment/recreation, insurance/real estate/legal, manufacturing, retail/distribution, service providers, technology manufacturers, and media sectors.&nbsp;</p>

Beauty • Retail • Pharmaceutical
5 Employees

Disco is a men's skincare brand based in Austin, TX.

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
90 Employees

Health Clocks is a global pharmacy that offers a wide range of generic drugs at affordable prices. All of our products are guaranteed to be genuine and safe, so you can relax knowing that if you need any help, our customer service executives will help you with any queries regarding your order. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $50

Artificial Intelligence • Biotech • Pharmaceutical • Generative AI
Austin, Texas, USA
10 Employees

NeuroX1 is a target ID and drug discovery platform leveraging proprietary generative AI to create the next generation of therapeutics for neurological disorders.

Cloud • Healthtech • Other • Software • Pharmaceutical
Austin, Texas, USA
145 Employees

Digital Pharmacist offers pharmacies a comprehensive digital engagement platform to help them attract new customers, increase efficiencies, and grow their small business. We help pharmacies help people by increasing their time spent with patients and set them up for success and a part from the competition. From communications and adherence to digital marketing and reputation management, we provide them with everything they need to be successful in the digital age.

Security • Pharmaceutical

<p>InView Technology Corporation develops and manufactures compressive sensing-based imaging and hyperspectral imaging products. The company offers shortwave and midwave infrared cameras and hyperspectral imagers for industrial process control, food and pharmaceutical inspection, energy audits, material research, surveillance, and security applications. It also offers its technology for use in hyperspectral imagers to deliver an image of a scene and spectral informational for pixels in the scene (a spectrometer per pixel).</p>

Healthtech • Pharmaceutical

Signify Health partners with leading health plans, healthcare providers, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and technology companies to improve quality of life by providing comprehensive clinical and social care where and when it's needed most.

Pharmaceutical • Hospitality
Fully Remote, USA

Indeed Me is an online pharmacy, your first choice for all your healthcare needs. We understand that the best products are the ones that are convenient to access and make sure you get them quickly and easily.

Agency • Healthtech • Marketing Tech • Pharmaceutical
22 Employees

Every day, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are working to develop new medications and medical devices. To do this, potential new treatments must be evaluated to learn if they’re safe and effective. That’s where we come in. We’re QD Solutions, a growing, 20+ year-old advertising agency based in Austin, TX. Our exclusive focus is in the creation of ad campaigns that help find and recruit patients into medical research studies. We develop campaigns for a broad range of conditions and diseases, including cancer, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes. Our collateral, traditional media, and digital creative is utilized in more than 70 languages by pharmaceutical, biotech and drug research companies around the world. Within the industry we serve, we’re known for developing unique strategies that resonate with both patients and medical professionals. And with a growing volume of work, we need more help developing digital tools and applications that provide information to interested patients in an engaging manner, assist medical staff who are managing the studies, or enable patients to determine whether they are a good fit for a given study that addresses their medical condition. Finding qualified patients for clinical trials is the biggest delay factor in the drug development process. Our goal, every day, is to help our clients find and enroll patients into their trials more quickly and in an ethical manner.

Software • Pharmaceutical

We are a very early stage software startup. We were co-founded by Yash Sabharwal and Ryan Shillington, two serial entrepreneurs looking to change the landscape of software for pharmaceutical companies by lowering the time it will take for them to bring drugs to market.

Big Data • Healthtech • Pharmaceutical
20 Employees

PotentiaMetrics provides personalized and predictive analytic platforms supported by proprietary clinical and economic real-world outcomes registries. The company’s PotentiaMED outcomes and insights products empower healthcare stakeholders to illuminate complex issues, extract useful insights, and make more informed, value-based treatment decisions that lead to better outcomes and reduced costs. Customers include providers, medical technology, pharmaceutical companies, and payers.

Healthtech • Marketing Tech • Social Impact • Software • Pharmaceutical
Austin, Texas, USA
204 Employees

SubjectWell is a venture-backed technology startup on an unstoppable mission to disrupt patient recruitment for clinical trials, a $100 billion dollar sector. Clinical trials need millions of qualified patient volunteers, but regularly fall behind schedule because patients are unaware of the benefits of clinical trials or even how to get involved. SubjectWell was founded by two entrepreneurs on their third successful startup finding consumers and matching them with opportunities in digital marketplaces. Our founders realized traditional patient recruitment inefficiently advertises for one clinical trial, research site, and disease at a time. SubjectWell is transforming patient recruitment with the creation of the first and only clinical trials marketplace. We broadly educate people on the benefits of research participation and allow interested patients to choose from and be screened against multiple clinical trials in the marketplace. Since 2012, SubjectWell’s high-touch approach has helped over 115 pharmaceutical and biotech companies find qualified patients in over 175 therapeutic areas. SubjectWell is looking for exceptional people, who are passionate about their field of expertise. Your work will build an innovative healthcare startup that is helping patients access promising care and is speeding the delivery of new medical treatments to the world. Here is your chance to really make a difference, both in your career and in the lives of millions.