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Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
65 Employees

Apptronik is building robots for the real world to improve human quality of life and to help solve the ever-increasing labor shortage problem. Our team has been building some of the most advanced robots on the planet for years, dating back to the DARPA Robotics Challenge. We apply our expertise across the full robotics stack to some of the most important and impactful problems our society faces, and expect our products and technology to change the world for the better. We value passion, creativity, and collaboration to help us overcome existing technological barriers in the industry to create truly innovative products. You will join a team developing a state-of-the-art general-purpose robot designed to operate in human spaces and with human tools. It is designed to work alongside humans, to walk like humans do, and to dexterously manipulate objects with its hands and upper body.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Analytics
Austin, Texas, USA
110 Employees

AI is driving a new Industrial Revolution. But most AI tools only work when the world looks the same tomorrow as it did yesterday. That's rarely the case. Striveworks was formed to fix this problem. Our platform lets teams build AI models, deploy them into unpredictable environments, and watch them deliver trustworthy results—day after day. Our approach has transformed AI outcomes for organizations where failure is never an option. As a result, Striveworks was recognized as an exemplar in the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence Final Report. In 2023, Striveworks placed on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 as one of the most rapidly growing technology companies in North America. In 2024, Striveworks was honored with a Built In Best Places to Work award—for the third year running.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Greentech • Machine Learning • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
250 Employees

We use machine learning to solve the biggest challenges in agriculture. Why is it that neighboring fields, with identical growing conditions, can produce such drastically different yields? This was the question that drove us to establish Prospera, and it’s what still drives us today. Using our background in data science and machine learning, we explored ways to bring more certainty to an unpredictable industry. As the current agricultural revolution unfolds, digitalization will become the engine of crop production - to meet rising population demands and ensure environmental sustainability. Taking a ground-up approach, our technology enables growers to make more informed, efficient, and scientific decisions. We make agriculture not only predictable, but optimizable across the entire growth cycle. Our technology advances agricultural productivity by helping growers do more with fewer resources.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Austin, Texas, USA
31 Employees

At Valkyrie, we are scientists on a mission to advance the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning by putting our cutting-edge technology to work on industry’s biggest challenges. Valkyrie is an AI/ML and Knowledge Graph services company that applies science to data to solve challenges, drive impact and create value. Our team of expertly trained scientists create custom machine learning capabilities to solve complex organizational challenges and drive competitive advantage. We work to find hidden insights within data to deliver solutions that allow our clients to act on empirically backed intelligence and make data-driven decisions. When we’re not obsessively building solutions for our clients, we’re advancing our field of science through research, pro-bono work, and IP development.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning • Robotics • Sales
Austin, Texas, USA
90 Employees

Humanity has lost touch with nature - we’ve traded dirt and trees for asphalt, and we rely on loud, polluting, gas-powered machines to care for our limited natural spaces. At Scythe, we’re reinventing how we care for the outdoor world by building intelligent, all-electric machines that unlock a new superpower: the ability to care for the outdoors pollution-free at enormous scale. From today’s first steps in landscape maintenance to full-fledged re-terraforming in the future, Scythe is pioneering autonomous machinery that supports the ingenuity of humans, multiplying our power to nurture our planet.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Software • Energy
Austin, Texas, USA
360 Employees

SparkCognition’s award-winning AI solutions predict future outcomes, prescribe next best actions, and help ensure worker safety. We partner with the world’s industry leaders to analyze, optimize, and learn from all types of data, augment human intelligence, drive profitable growth, and achieve operational excellence. Our patented AI technologies, including machine learning, deep neural networks, natural language processing, and computer vision lead the industry in innovation and help accelerate digital transformation. Our solutions allow organizations to solve critical problems – prevent unexpected downtime, maximize asset performance, deliver net-zero initiatives, and eliminate accidents, all while avoiding zero-day cyberattacks. SparkCognition’s products enable organizations to quickly capitalize on their data to provide real-time actionable insights, amplify their return on investment, and redefine best practices. Since inception, we have worked toward perfecting AI to accelerate market adoption and enhance, advance, and safeguard organizations, fostering a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future. To learn more, visit www.sparkcognition.com.

Computer Vision • Robotics • Software • Analytics
Austin, Texas, USA
176 Employees

Gecko Robotics (Gecko) is focused on protecting and maintaining civilizations' most critical infrastructure, with machines and platforms. Traditional manual maintenance is dangerous, slow and reactive. Gecko’s solutions improve safety and speed (10x) while gathering more data (1000x) to predict infrastructure failures before they happen.

Blockchain • Computer Vision • Productivity • Software • Virtual Reality
Austin, Texas, USA
30 Employees

We're partnered with tech giants to bring mixed reality to your workstation! Augmented Reality: With your headset, we overlay up to 5 virtual monitors right in front of you without losing sight of the real world around you. Allowing you to take your full workstation wherever you go. Virtual Reality: Users teleport into a distraction-free virtual workspace while spawning up to 5 virtual monitor. As soon as the user wants to collaborate, co-workers can join them! Or simply just work in our virtual cafe's with others from around the world. These immersive work experiences provide higher focus levels allowing people to get more time back in the day. Users enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing "office", a more collaborative environment, as well as a truly portable workstation (bring your workstation to your couch or back porch).

Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Sales • Software • Sports
Austin, Texas, USA
77 Employees

Recording games and editing film can be complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Trace Soccer captures your match footage, generates tactical playlists, and delivers each player's moments directly to their inboxes after each game. Trace is the most affordable way to have your own film crew, editing team, and video analysis staff at your fingertips.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Software
Fully Remote, USA
72 Employees

Construction is a $13 Trillion global industry, yet it’s one of the least digitized. Fueled by increasing venture investment, our mission puts us at the forefront of a movement driven by former construction professionals looking for a better way to modernize how the world builds. We are bringing the same computer vision and mapping technologies found in self-driving cars to the construction technology space. Our custom AI-powered vision engine automatically organizes photos and videos by location, time, and date giving users the ability to keep a pulse on their project’s data – helping them save time, stay on schedule, and protect profits.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning
Austin, Texas, USA
5 Employees

The genesis of Skyways starts in early 2017 after years of frustration with the traffic in Silicon Valley. Why are we all stuck on the ground, bumper to bumper? Seeing tremendous growth in unmanned aviation along with new advances in energy storage and electric propulsion, an opportunity was born to create a new form of transportation. With an amazing team of engineers and based near Austin TX, we joined YCombinator in the summer of 2017. We haven't stopped working since then.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Design
6 Employees

mbue is a web-based application that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to instantly review architectural drawings.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Information Technology • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing
Austin, Texas, USA
16 Employees

At Censius, we're passionate about assisting companies - big and small - to deliver high-performing machine learning models and provide transparency to their decision-making. This is accomplished using our cutting-edge AI Observability Platform, which allows users to monitor, explain, and optimize their machine learning models. The Censius AI Observability Platform can track model performance, data quality, model drifts, biases, outliers, and more across several models and versions. Users are instantly alerted of an anomaly in model performance, and they can detect the root cause and debug it using Censius Explainability’s guided roadmap.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Healthtech • Internet of Things
220 Employees

Kami Vision is an artificial intelligence (AI) services company focused on security and safety solutions that improve the quality of life for people around the world. Kami’s open AI platform enables easy implementation and scaling of affordable, highly accurate edge AI software solutions for a range of use cases and industries. Kami Vision’s solutions include KamiCare, a fall management solution for memory care and senior living communities and seniors aging in place at home. Other solutions include Kami IoT for resellers of camera-based smart home products and Kami Home smart home security solutions for home owners, renters and small businesses. Kami Vision software powers 15 million devices, serving 6 million active users in 120 countries and holds over 100 patents. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA with offices in Austin, Shanghai, Bangalore, and the Philippines. It has grown by 350% since launch and raised $10M from East West Bank. For more information, visit www.kamivision.com and follow on LinkedIn.