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Top Austin, TX Natural Language Processing Companies (19)

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Artificial Intelligence • Healthtech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
225 Employees

Iodine is an enterprise AI company that is championing a radical rethink of how to create value for healthcare professionals, leaders, and their organizations: automating complex clinical tasks, generating insights and empowering intelligent care. We profoundly believe the future of healthcare, and the survival of healthcare systems, rests in a strong, symbiotic relationship between dedicated clinicians and executives who do the work and the most powerful, predictive tools available so they can meet with confidence the delicate balance of quality, efficiency, and system financial resilience. Iodine is built on this belief. Powered by the largest set of clinical data and use cases available, our groundbreaking clinical machine-learning engine, Cognitive ML, constantly ingests the patient record to generate real-time, clinically-informed, unique predictive insights. Our powerful predictive engine complements the skills and judgement of healthcare professionals. We interpret raw clinical data to generate real-time, highly focused, predictive insights that clinicians and hospital administrators can leverage to dramatically augment the management of care delivery – facilitating critical decisions, scaling clinical workforces through automation, and improving the financial position of health systems.

Cloud • Natural Language Processing • Productivity • Software
Austin, Texas, USA

Built on the Google Cloud Platform for unmatched security, reliability and scale, Dialpad’s product suite covers the full range of modern business communications needs with Dialpad, UberConference and Call Center solutions all powered by VoiceAI.

Digital Media • Marketing Tech • Natural Language Processing • Software
4 Employees

Clearscope is the best-in-class SEO content optimization platform that drives search traffic. Our streamlined tools simplify SEO writing so you create first-rate content that ranks. We help thousands of content creators from companies like Adobe, Shopify, BigCommerce, IBM, Conde Nast and more.

Legal Tech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Real Estate • Energy
Fully Remote, USA
5 Employees

Title research and lease document analysis is a critical requirement for acquiring land rights but remains a painfully slow and outdated manual process. Parse AI provides a cloud-based platform that enables users to expedite title research necessary for completing a wide variety of real property transactions. Customers in the energy and real estate industries gain a comprehensive perspective on leasehold ownership and obligations and can confirm real property ownership at a fraction of the time and cost.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Productivity • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
220 Employees

Our mission is to help developers leverage communications data and build features that increase customer engagement, productivity, and retention.

Artificial Intelligence • Natural Language Processing • Software
20 Employees

WayBlazer uses artificial intelligence-driven software to personalize online travel shopping. By integrating natural language understanding and dynamically merchandising relevant products, images, and reviews, WayBlazer provides a personalized shopping experience with destination and hotel recommendations that match a traveler’s intent.

Natural Language Processing • Productivity • Software
4 Employees

InMoat is an email startup that helps individuals regain control over their inbox and time. With InMoat, you have the ability to control what kind of emails warrant your time and attention, ultimately minimizing interruptions and allowing you to spend less time on email.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
Fully Remote, USA
35 Employees

UneeQ is an artificial intelligence company, developing the most advanced autonomous digital human platform available for customer interactions – today and in tomorrow’s metaverse. Our mission is to deliver digital human experiences that excel in marketing, sales and service roles – reducing complexity, improving conversions and creating memorable customer moments for brands. UneeQ was born out of a program to provide disabled people better access to information. We quickly realized digital humans are able to help people with many other perennially tricky problems – from financial literacy to healthcare coaching and simplifying complex customer journeys. For the next few years, we explored dozens of use cases with world-leading brands keen to solve these problems with us. We found the pitfalls, the limitations and the areas of real value and opportunity. We iterated on the best of these use cases in areas like banking, mental health, eCommerce, medicine, HR and recruitment, and many, many more. And we built our AI product and platform to be agnostic, so brands and the best creative minds can build digital humans easier than ever. Which brings us to today. UneeQ now has teams across the US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, made up of incredible and experienced AI practitioners, scientists, inventors, developers, quality experts, project managers, marketers and experts. We’re proud to work with some of the biggest brands to help them launch valuable, memorable digital human experiences that customers love to use.

Fitness • Marketing Tech • Natural Language Processing • Software
8 Employees

Gleantap is a proactive customer engagement platform for fitness & retail businesses. We help businesses drive repeat visits & boost loyalty through automated & AI-enabled journey based marketing. We work with brands such as Planet Fitness, Orange Theory, Anytime Fitness & more.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Security • Cybersecurity
Austin, Texas, USA
110 Employees

We help organizations communicate more securely over email and other cloud office applications with the power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU). The Armorblox platform connects over APIs and analyzes thousands of signals to understand who users are, what they do, and how they communicate. With this context, Armorblox can stop advanced email attacks like business email compromise, and also help organizations stay compliant by protecting their sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Security teams also become more proactive after using Armorblox because the platform automates away most of the manual and repetitive tasks involved in responding to user-reported email threats. We create the VERY BEST People-first Company Culture through thoughtful programs that elevate and engage our People. We are proud to have an industry-leading product, a gender score that ranks in the top 20%, and a diversity score that ranks in the top 30%. We are honored Armorblox was awarded Great Place to Work, Omni Award for Outstanding Wellbeing and Benefits, Best Company Leadership, Best CEOs for Diversity, Best Company Compensation, and was featured in the 2019 Forbes AI 50 list and was named a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Office Security. Founded in 2017, Armorblox is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA and backed by the very best investors in Silicon Valley including General Catalyst and Next47.

Edtech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Social Impact • Software
4 Employees

SkillsEngine is a social innovation team working to advance prosperity by connecting people, educators, and businesses through a shared understanding of skills. We are growing our Austin-based team of engineers and creatives to lead the next phase of our evolution--a free, public facing platform. We are seeking talented professionals interested in joining our team to help more people realize their own American Dream through greater career success. SkillsEngine is a non-profit initiative of the Center for Employability Outcomes supported by Texas State Technical College.

Natural Language Processing • Productivity • Software
4 Employees

InMoat is a personalized email assistant for Gmail and Outlook that prevents unimportant emails from clogging your inbox based on your priorities. InMoat gives you granular controls over what types of emails warrant your time and attention, ultimately allowing you to spend less time on email and more time focusing on important tasks that matter.

Artificial Intelligence • Legal Tech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Business Intelligence
Fully Remote, USA
21 Employees

LitLingo deploys artificial intelligence ("AI") and natural language understanding (NLU) on top of business-specific communications to help companies make the most of their internal data. We build and deploy machine-learned models involving industry-specific litigation risk, fraud/waste/abuse risk, employment risk, product liability risk, IP risk, customer service optimization, and diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to help companies increase sales, automate workflows, and improve organizational efficiency by improving and enriching all inbound and outbound communications. We have a growing list of marquee customers, and we focus on industries including Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Media, and Telco.

Big Data • Marketing Tech • Natural Language Processing • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
4,800 Employees

Cision Ltd is a leading global provider of earned media software and services to public relations and marketing communications professionals. Cision's software allows users to identify key influencers, craft and distribute strategic content, and measure meaningful impact.

Machine Learning • Marketing Tech • Natural Language Processing

INDIVIDUALIZE YOUR CONTENT EXPERIENCE OneSpot helps brands bring customer journeys to life by delivering individualized content experiences across channels through technology and strategic support.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
Austin, Texas, USA
115 Employees

CognitiveScale pioneered the concept of ‘Trusted AI”, paving the way for responsible Enterprise AI development worldwide. Backed by 164 AI patents, the Cortex platform empowers data scientists and citizen developers to build, understand and analyze intelligent, transparent & trusted AI systems using any data, on any cloud. By simplifying the development, deployment and management of AI systems, CognitiveScale is revolutionizing how organizations across industries–healthcare, financial services, insurance and digital commerce– engage with customers, optimize services and deliver on bottom line goals—all while protecting them from business risk. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, CognitiveScale is recognized by the World Economic Forum for positively impacting business and society through AI with active investment from Norwest Venture Partners, Intel Capital, IBM Watson, M12 (Microsoft Ventures), and USAA. To learn more, visit www.cognitivescale.com and follow us on Linkedin and Twitter at @CognitiveScale

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Information Technology • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing
Austin, Texas, USA
16 Employees

At Censius, we're passionate about assisting companies - big and small - to deliver high-performing machine learning models and provide transparency to their decision-making. This is accomplished using our cutting-edge AI Observability Platform, which allows users to monitor, explain, and optimize their machine learning models. The Censius AI Observability Platform can track model performance, data quality, model drifts, biases, outliers, and more across several models and versions. Users are instantly alerted of an anomaly in model performance, and they can detect the root cause and debug it using Censius Explainability’s guided roadmap.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Marketing Tech • Natural Language Processing
15 Employees

FunnelAI finds and connects auto dealerships, OEMs and suppliers with their customers who are in the market now, for a variety of products and services related to auto, from multiple online platforms.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
Fully Remote, USA
50 Employees

Cycorp is a leading provider of semantic technologies bringing a new level of intelligence & common sense reasoning to a wide variety of software applications. Cyc combines unparalleled common sense ontology & knowledge base with a powerful reasoning engine & natural language interface to develop novel knowledge-intensive applications.